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  • Speaker technology (at least for something “old school” like stereo) hasn’t improved significantly for a very long time. That’s not to say it’s not good, we just figured out how to make a good speaker a long time ago.

    DSP has improved since then but no amount of DSP will make regular speakers sound like great ones (like the nexus 6’s) of the same size or type

  • Okay, just clarifying that you don’t mean the Beeper server, you mean the beeper desktop/mobile client. You can self host something identical to the server and use a the client that Beeper’s client is based off of, which is very similar.

    Self-hosting may become even more like using Beeper’s server and client soon, as I expect they will not continue development on the old android app and just work on the one currently in beta. The beta app feels pretty similar to element to me, so I’ll likely self host when they do that.

  • Yeah I tested it out. The feature in ARD that I am referring to is that you can do any of the main functions (observe the screen, copy a file, install a file, run a terminal command, shut down, etc) to any number of computers at the same time. You just shift click command click to select multiple computers and then press the button associated with that function. That you can’t do is control multiple computers at the same time, since that wouldn’t really be practical, but you can observe all of their screens and then double click on one of them to start controlling it.

    Really the most useful thing here is the ability to send an arbitrary terminal command to multiple computers at the same time, which you can’t do in Remmina.