Do you play VR?
Wondering whether there is a VR community here. What systems? What games? My first and only headset is a Valve Index which I think I bought when it was released in summer 2019. Prior to this I had followed VR development since the Vive was released. Luckily I am immune to VR nausea, so I proceeded to dive straight into everything it had to offer. Would say VR is at least half of playtime. The Index package is still fantastic. The controllers are really comfortable with great features. The lighthouse tracking is very precise, reliable, and has no blind spots when setup properly. The headset itself is comfortable with great FOV and good enough display. So far I have only found two general lackings in terms of hardware. One is controller quality control. When you get a set of controllers that work, then they work great. But in the past, and maybe still now, there's was an unfortunate high change that you would get one with some malfunction that meant you either had worse experience, or had to go through RMA. I've had a particular unfortunate streak of controllers that I constantly had to send back. Luckily the valve RMA process is easy and generous. The other downside is of course the tether. I have the best cable-management system I could find, but that is still no wireless. But that might change soon as the [nofio wireless adapter]( is soon to release. As for games, I quickly found my preference for physics-based games where the primary gameplay emerge from the physics interactions with the game-world, in contrast to more traditional gameplay systems. Examples of this include Boneworks, Blade and Sorcery, Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgrenades, and somewhat Half-Life: Alyx. I also frequent short-form or rythm games, such as Eleven Table Tennis, Unplugged, Beast Saber, and Drums Rock. I also wanna give a highlight to Contractors VR. While I don't particular like the vanilla gameplay, I have found the modding community to be absolute magic. SW: Battlefront, COD Zombies, TF2, and Halo are among the popular games that have been faithfully recreated as Contractors VR mods with amazing similarity to the original games. Seriously, if you liked any of those old popular games and haven't checked out Contractors I highly recommend you do.

Hello, are people here playing MMOs? What's your favorite one?

If you've got any favorite runs, list them out down below. At time of posting, SpikeVegeta is running a Majora's Mask randomizer and it's had a lot of great energy in the crowd so far.

Are you looking for a small but high quality Diablo 4 clan?
One of our members works on this: Please, join us:

A yuge contrast to the earlier video about Wii U.

# Steps 0. Assuming you're running the game via "the launcher" 1. go to desktop mode (big picture mode doesn't allow changing settings), 1. run the launcher, 1. go to General settings, scroll down to DXVK Version and download/choose the latest "Async" version from dropdown 1. Close settings and launcher 1. now you may go to steam big picture mode and run the game If it doesn't work go to Environment section and type `DXVK_ASYNC=1 %command%` into the first text form # Result Before the changing dxvk version, game ran at 45 FPS on medium/low settings with frequent stutters dropping to 10 FPS at newly entered locations, now it runs at 55-60 FPS in the world and ~40 in crowded cities with no preloading drops in FPS. | FPS Before | FPS After| |-|-| | 10-45 on med/low | 40-60 on med/high| ::: spoiler tags shaders, anime, pre caching, lag at new location, lags, monitor refresh rate, gpu, wine, proton, Vsync, Resolution, graphics, fsync, performance, improvement ::: // Pls support the creator of "the launcher" who gave us async dxvk version, man doing ~~god's~~ MHY's work

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