Tiger - Paper Crafts(Origami) | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Totally random papercraft find from 2000. Files still downloable. Yamaha?


Pulled this out of the collection today - as much as the debut could also be considered a classic this is the one where they added the additional polish and released a great set of tracks from start to finish. This is arguably one of the album releases that sent 80s hair-metal to the grave. From [Audiooxide]( *Doolittle balances boisterous oddness with sweet and sugary pop tunes, making it not only their most intriguing record, but also the most accessible. It breathes beauty, mystery, and humour, and nothing else sounds quite like it. Inside each song lies at least one great moment, whether it’s an infectious guitar riff, a killer vocal hook, a captivating instrumental breakdown, or Black Francis concluding that, on the basis of people being 5 and the Devil being 6, God must be 7. The surrealistic nature of Francis’ lyrics is a vital part of that distinct Pixies sound, and it continues to be absurdly enjoyable: if he’s not contemplating biblical mythology, he’s singing about the whores in his head, or barking like a dog.*

This is one of those albums with an interesting history. The band deciding to release an album with single one-hour track, a departure from their previous album Holy Mountain which contained a series of shorter individual songs. Of course their new record label didnt know what to do with it. From [Wikipedia]( *Within a few weeks of signing with London, the A&R member who was negotiating with Sleep had been transferred and replaced. After sending the finished album to London Records, the label told Sleep that they were not going to release the album in its current format... ...Sleep refused to have the album released in any edited form which led to a deadlock between London and the band. The members of Sleep have mixed feelings whether the album should have been released in general. Cisneros felt it should not have been released, while Pike was content with its release, saying "We did all the work so why leave it sitting around?"* * Al Cisneros stated that smoking cannabis was important to the song's creative process: "I was really dependent on the space I got into when I was using it, and some of the lyrics are about that...The line, 'Drop out of life [with bong in hand],' was kind of a creed at that point."[7] The song was originally known and performed live under the title "Dopesmoker". After their tour, the group began to be interested in a Middle Eastern desert theme which led to Sleep referring to the song as "Jerusalem" during later practice sessions.* Review Excerpts via [Pitchfork]( *But Dopesmoker is an infinitely explorable listen, the kind of record that will goad your attention through miniscule rabbit holes whether or not you're as stoned as the people who made it. Hakius' pulse is the constant carrot, then, filling the spaces when the band aggresses, forcing them forward when they pull back. He is a reminder to continue toward Nazareth. ...And that's perhaps what remains most impressive about Dopesmoker, especially hearing it again for the first time through yet another reissue: It's an hour of adventure and momentum, where the lumber and the repetition somehow always push ahead. matter how much pressure London placed on them to make something more commercial than personal, Sleep sound as if their very existence depends upon the successful exercise of this weed ritual. In a sense, it's safe to say it did. This record's influence on substance, style, and simple ambition within heavy metal has long outlived the band that made it.*

Not really a meme, but I find it really funny. Sorry if this is the wrong community [![The Google car had a crash with a red car in Romania]( "The Google car had a crash with a red car in Romania")](

Zyskowiczin päällekarkaaja paiskasi poliiseja puistonpenkillä
Aikamoinen rikollisen CV taitaa olla tyypillä. Smash Asemin tapahtumien jälkeen heti perään tuomio pahoinpitelystä, sitten useita muita pahoinpitelyitä ja vankeustuomio. > Mittavin tuomio löytyy vuodelta 2007, jolloin mies sai Helsingin käräjäoikeudesta tuomion väkivaltaisesta mellakasta, virkamiehen väkivaltaisesta vastustamisesta sekä haitanteosta virkamiehelle. Tuomio tuli Helsingissä 9. syyskuuta 2006 järjestetyn Smash Asem -mielenosoituksen tapahtumista. > Mies oli tuomion mukaan ollut mukana joukossa, joka heitteli Mannerheimintiellä esineitä poliiseja kohti. Oikeuden mukaan Zyskowiczin pahoinpitelystä epäilty heitti poliiseja pullolla ja parin muun henkilön kanssa puisella penkillä. > Tarkoituksena oli murtaa kilvillä suojautunut poliisirintama. Mies myönsi rikokset. Tuloksena oli puolen vuoden ehdollinen vankeusrangaistus.

Saadaankohan tästäkin kuviosta vielä hyvä elokuva aikaiseksi, vai onko vaan tylsä mokien sarja?

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Simple: * Patr'o: ĝeneralseksa patro. * Patr'in'o: ina patro. * __Vir'patr'o:__ vira patro. * __Vir'patr'in'o:__ interseksa patro Instruist' havis viran sencon; sed nun tio havas ĝeneralseksan sencon.

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