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• Prettify pattern lines drawing (also fixes crash on some older devices) • Updated Place Page style • Icons for information=board/map • Fixed categories search with stop words • Show "Opens in"/"Closes in" in search results • Made all existing sports searchable • amenity=parking can be added on the map via Editor • Fixed place=square visibility at 16+ zoom level • Improved pt-BR, es, it, fr, and eu, enabled Marathi translations See for more details in the previous update. See more details on our website when apps are published.

How do I use github copilot in NvChad?
I've written the following in my custom folder, and I've run `:PackerSync` followed by `:Copilot setup`, but I get an error: `E492: Not an editor command: Copilot setup`. Do I need to clone [github/copilot][1] somewhere or does Packer do it automatically? How do I configure it on NvChad? `custom/chadrc.lua` local plugin_conf = require "custom.plugins.configs" M.plugins = { user = userPlugins, override = { ["hrsh7th/nvim-cmp"] = plugin_conf.cmp, }, } `custom/plugins.lua` return { ["github/copilot.vim"] = { config = function() vim.cmd [[ let g:copilot_no_tab_map = v:true ]] end, }, ["hrsh7th/cmp-copilot"] = { after = "nvim-cmp", }, } [1]:

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Tools I use to make Windows 10 work for me
The first thing I use is Windows 10 decrapifier. To use this, open up Powershell ISE as an administrator, and paste the script into a new editor window, then run it. It will automatically remove all the garbage Windows 10 installs by default. It works pretty well with Windows 11 as well. Next, O&O Shutup10 This tool shuts down a lot of the different telemetry stuff to keep windows 10 your own. It also works with Windows 11. Finally, I like to install OpenShell, a start menu replacement for Windows 10. Right now it doesn't easily work on Windows 11, I use Start11 on windows 11. Openshell doesn't just replace the start menu with a windows 7 style start menu, it reimplements search so the search works much better and doesn't rely on windows search service. Here's a bonus tip that only applies to Windows 11: If you use the open source tool rufus to create your installation media, you can tell rufus to create installation media that bypasses all the new TPM requirements. I have a computer capable of running windows 11, but I don't want to give them access to my TPM, I don't want secure boot, I don't want any of this stuff. I want to run my computer the way I want to, and this install media allows that. You lose some minor features here and there.