Updated to the version 0.11.0 / Päivitetty versioon 0.11.0

The instance was updated to the version 0.11.0. Unlike with the previous update, it seems this update hasn’t brought any problems. …

Updated to the version 0.10.2 / Päivitetty versioon 0.10.2

Sopuli was updated to the Lemmy’s latest version 0.10.2. Certain problems popped up after updating and changes had to be made to the instance’s settings. Due to the problems the instance was down for ~2 hours. Federation didn’t also work for some time but now it is fix…

is federation not working for anyone else? (solved)

some communities don’t seem to federate. when i go to them, i see their details in the sidebar, but the user count is always 0 and no posts are shown.

Sopuli on Matrix / Sopuli Matrixissa

I made a Matrix room for the instance:…

Updated to the version 0.9.9 / Päivitetty versioon 0.9.9

The instance was updated to the latest 0.9.9 version of Lemmy from the version 0.9.7. More info on the changes:

Update and federation / Päivitys ja federointi

Sopuli was updated to Lemmy’s newest version 0.9.6. This also fixed the instance’s federation problems. We’re now up to date! Sopuli now also federates with the following instances for now: …


Let’s test this thing …

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