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In Finland the numbers have been dropping like crazy and vaccinations are well underway.


My thoughts exactly. This is like Coldsteel the Hedgeheg with slight modifications, so hard being edgy and wanting to “kill Chaos”. The main protagonist looks like an alternative character design for Dante from Devil May Cry.

And where’s the Final Fantasy in this? This all feels reminds me of “darker and edgier” reboots from over a decade ago. Team Ninja can do better, they don’t have to rip off Devil May Cry.

Dayum, this is exactly what I need. I plan to install Android x86 into my tablet and also check the device’s partitions with Gparted.

Use the Force

Deep state

Now this is some good OC.

Tosi hyvää rehellisyyttä vaatealan tilasta ilman mitään teennäistä moraaliposeerausta tai tyhjiä lauseita.

20 TB HAMR drives were released in January 2021


“Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about Lemmy?”

But Karl Popper said we shouldn’t tolerate intolerance!

Taas on Halla-aho oma itsensä. Mainoksessa täysin valehdeltiin kuinka mamut vievät kunnan asunnot ja JCDecaux kehtaa poistaa mainokset vedoten tosiasioihin ja faktoihin!

N-Gage was a symptom of the larger problems Nokia had. Conflicting views and power battles between different departments and teams, bad management, and the most important factor was hubris. The company thought how the golden age of 90s and early 00s would last forever… and then Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone in 2007.

A documentary titled The Rise And Fall Of Nokia is definitely worth watching because it features many interviews of former Nokia executives. Good insider look on the downfall.

The 2013 prototype looks really different, it’s like a really bad porn game.

One of the protesters had dressed as the Witch-King of Angmar

It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung deliberately made Sam with cosplayers and Rule 34 in mind.

In case of Finnish news I mostly check HIGH.FI, the news aggregator from the creators of the technology site AfterDawn. The site appears to have an English version but I haven’t used it.

Marin has been reasonable about this. This meal allowance is a normal policy for a prime minister living at the official residence, she didn’t even ask for it. In a recent TV interview she just said “I have other things to do rather than deal with these kinds of things all day long”. On Twitter she even had to debunk a rumor that her August 2020 wedding was paid by taxpayers!

I’m afraid we’re gonna have our full-on Trump moment soon. This is such a preamble to that.

It would require a victory in the next parliamentary election for the Rudimentary Finns Party, becoming the largest party.

Hyi helvetti tuota jutun formaattia, tekstimuotoisena tätä mieluummin lukisi. Aihe on toki tärkeä.