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Cleaning the apartment extensively, as I have had problem with scabies for over a month. Otherwise enjoying good food, gaming and programming.

All censorship efforts by “protecting children” always lead to eventually censoring things from adults.

I don’t follow sports at all.

The company seemed poorly managed, in addition to obvious technical problems.

Interesting to see where drug dealers and people interested in buying drugs will flock next, here in Finland they make the most of Wickr’s userbase.

Time machine

“Replacing Twitter” implies that there is a need for Twitter or that Mastodon and Twitter can’t coexist.

I think Russsia knows what a force NATO is so it wouldn’t attack a member country out of nowhere. Finnish major-general Pekka Toveri said that if the missiles are Russian, it’s likely a technical malfunction.

This community is on lemmy.ml and not about technical support of the instance nor other instances. The place for asking support in Sopuli’s case is !meta@sopuli.xyz. Regardless:

It looks like you tried to register an account in March when I had problems with Sopuli’s verification emails getting into spam folder. This was also before registration applications were turned on for Sopuli. I have deleted the account you mentioned from Sopuli’s database. Try to register an account again!

I listened to Hawkwind’s first album some time ago and it must have been really groundbreaking at the time of its release.

Thanks, I don’t have to scour the Internet for eBooks! Mobilism is great, I have got many books from there.

Well, it’s usually expected.

Russia’s getting it’s ass kicked part 9001.

At least several French cities, Barcelona and two German pub owners are boycotting. I also read about one beer brand that has made boycotting the event a part of its marketing.

More companies and countries should boycott the world cup.

Could this be described as the “Eternal September of Fediverse”?

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Don’t forget the late Satoru Iwata of Nintendo.

Elon Musk has done a tremendous job in making alternative social media platforms flourish!

Sounds definitely Trumpian. Of course I could say lots of thing about Elon’s tenure as the leader of Twitter. But I say the same thing I have said elsewhere: this is like eating popcorn while witnessing a multiple-vehicle collision.

I have listed popular lemmy.ml communities and their alternatives on other instances, this can help: https://sopuli.xyz/post/247640