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I’ve seen this band 4 times or so. From one gig I got a guitar pick thrown by one of the guitarists.

Overturning Roe vs Wade wasn’t conservative, it was downright reactionary.

For some reason the picture isn’t previewing here. One helluva great panorama regardless!


Exactly, this sounds like playing with semantics.

I remember when he visited Finland way back in 2006. Damn I miss his show.

Putin seems to be the best salesman for both EU and NATO.

Tekee mieli naamapalmuttaa ties kuinka monta kertaa. Kyseessä oli tavanomainen satutuokio lapsille eikä siinä ollut mitään seksuaalisuutta tai tuputtamista toisin kuin häiriköt uhosivat. Eihän drag queen ole loppuunsa sen erilaisempi asia kuin monet sketsisarjojen naisiksi pukeutuneet mieshahmot. Olisiko häiriköiden reaktio ollut erilainen jos drag queenin sijaan lapsille olisikin lukenut vaikkapa Aku Hirviniemi pukeutuneena Marja Tyrniksi? Ei myöskään yllätä että häiriköijät olivat pääosin uusnatseja. Noitakin luusereita on vielä Suomessa.

Well, R. Kelly’s Wikipedia article has a looong section of sexual abuse allegations, the earliest are dated to early 90s.

In May 2018, The Washington Post reporter Geoff Edgers wrote “The Star Treatment,” a lengthy article alleging music industry executives’ willful blindness to Kelly’s sexually abusive behavior toward underage girls. Edgers reported that as early as 1994, Kelly’s tour manager urged Jive Records founder Clive Calder to tell Kelly he would not release the singer’s records if he continued to have “incidents” with young women after every concert he gave. Calder told the Post that he regretted not having done more at the time, saying “Clearly, we missed something.”

World War 1

At last! My fear was that this process would take months with lots of bickering back-and-forth but no! Luckily that didn’t happen.

That form factor reminds me of netbooks. I could imagine taking that for a trip where I wouldn’t need a fully-blown laptop.

Glad I have never used GitHub as my code repository.

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If Trump really played 4D chess as it’s often claimed, he wouldn’t reveal that publicly.

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Blockchain can have practical use for fields like supply chain management, energy, banking and food industry. Do NFTs have this quality?

Pre-order now and you get the Vizier’s beard as an NFT!

It can definitely be a shitshow, knowing Ubisoft’s current direction. They want a game to ejaculate profits, and it means putting NFTs and microtransactions even to single-player games, even though they don’t add any value to it. “Ubisoft, uh, finds a way.”

And then people on the far-right consider Poland somehow “based”.

When I was younger, I had high expectations of E3 and really hyped of everything. I grew up more cynical, these days I’m just interested of seeing just games with no expectations whatsoever.

And then Gene Simmons claims how the decline of music industry is the fans’ fault.

And they also have to embed the Ukrainian flag and the pride symbol to their logo somehow.