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Tools I use to make Windows 10 work for me
The first thing I use is Windows 10 decrapifier. To use this, open up Powershell ISE as an administrator, and paste the script into a new editor window, then run it. It will automatically remove all the garbage Windows 10 installs by default. It works pretty well with Windows 11 as well. Next, O&O Shutup10 This tool shuts down a lot of the different telemetry stuff to keep windows 10 your own. It also works with Windows 11. Finally, I like to install OpenShell, a start menu replacement for Windows 10. Right now it doesn't easily work on Windows 11, I use Start11 on windows 11. Openshell doesn't just replace the start menu with a windows 7 style start menu, it reimplements search so the search works much better and doesn't rely on windows search service. Here's a bonus tip that only applies to Windows 11: If you use the open source tool rufus to create your installation media, you can tell rufus to create installation media that bypasses all the new TPM requirements. I have a computer capable of running windows 11, but I don't want to give them access to my TPM, I don't want secure boot, I don't want any of this stuff. I want to run my computer the way I want to, and this install media allows that. You lose some minor features here and there.

Imbatch image processing
Handy tool for processing images I use on the odd occasion. Has a free for non commercial version. Cranked through around 4800 images the other day (simple resizing / compression but can do more)

Trust in Software, an All Time Low
"Windows 10, which I liked as much as Windows 7 at the start, has slowly rotted on me, or just ground me down to where I find it reprehensible. Where every new notification, interruption, thing changing under my feet or update that bricks my entire computer, just pokes straight at the raw exposed nerve ending that used to be a thick skin."

Windows 11 preview link
Magnet link, need qbittorrent/libretorrent

(Windows 3.0 was released 30 years ago today)

For all things Windows.

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