Russia uses incendiary thermite shells bombing Ukrainian positions overnight as Vladimir Putin “demands firm dates” when his forces will seize Bakhmut. His forces are bombarding the Ukraine army with MZ-21 thermite shells fired from Grad multiple rocket launchers. These ignite with a combustion temperature of up to 2,700 degrees Celsius. Russian state media has highlighted the use of the thermite - or magnesium - ammunition at Bakhmut and apparently elsewhere in Donetsk region. Footage shows the thermite shell attack that happened overnight, as well as a previous attack from last month. The weapons were used against Ukrainian firing positions, it was reported.

Voices in Ukrainian/Russian, with subtitles in English.

In Russian, with subtitles in English. ::: spoiler Spoiler: He justifies the beheading. :::

President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the alleged beheading of a Ukrainian prisoner of war purportedly shown in a video shared online, saying that every international leader "must react." "This is a video of Russia as it is… of Russia trying to make that the new norm, such a habit of destroying life. This is not an (isolated) accident or episode. This has happened earlier. This has happened in Bucha. (This has happened) a thousand times," Zelensky said on April 12.

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