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The massive influx of users makes me want to go back, but I can never get used to how 1:1 twitter it is. It’s infinitely better than other options, but it carries so many of twitter’s questionable design decisions that I always end up feeling gross and deleting a new account after a while.

+1, ideally with the Nicotine+ client. Make sure to leave up shares of your own if you’re able to :D

I disagree with many of Leon’s conclusions (in particular, I think the mission structure of THPS 4 was a fantastic refresh of the series), but this is an excellent history regardless.

I’m loving it! I definitely understand now where they’re coming from with the Factorio comparison. The appeal is pretty different from what typically is involved in grand strategy. This isn’t a game of conquest or necessarily even of alt history (the national flavor here is lacking on launch, though I suspect this will be addressed over time), it’s very squarely a game about keeping a well-oiled economic machine running as efficiently as you can manage, with world events being interesting wrenches thrown in that plan you have to work around via managing different interest groups and the political coalitions they form. Like Vicky 2, the game is very concerned about pops and keeping them well cared for and happy. This is a game that wants you to do the best you can for many different people with many different interests, and I love it for that.

I’d like to play harder difficulties, though, because my main complaint so far is that it hasn’t really forced me to engage with the more involved systems as much as I’d like. A lot of the negative reaction aside from the typical concerns about Paradox’s business model and “grr sjws grr no war micro” comes down to the fact that in many nations you can bypass a lot of the more complex stuff and just build things the game says will be profitable. With more aggressive AI settings and playing more difficult nations, I think I’ll get into that more.

My big things would be that, ethernet, and a separate mic jack instead of the unified one. I’ll defend a lot of Apple’s design decisions, but lacking critical i/o is really rough.

USB type A, for one.

I’m about to disappear from this Earth on launch in about 10 minutes (nvm, apparently pushed back an hour?). Vicky 2 was always the paradox game for me, and if this is to believed, most of my issues with what was already the best of the bunch have been addressed.

They can, but it’s not the most discoverable.

Reminded me to set up my extremely helpful and game-changing $1.50 a month donation, thanks.

The kicked devs are moving to the PlaceholderMC fork. ATLauncher is an existing option disconnected from this mess.

I don’t know why these projects keep blowing up. The original situation with MultiMC was fucked up and weird enough and this is just outright evil.

The no-hit community for Souls games is really lovely, I’d like to try learning to do it myself someday. I’ve done a soul level 1 run of Dark Souls 1, and doing a no-hit would be a great next step. Maybe for Elden Ring, even :o

My favorite part is this hilarious bug:

Not all issues need to be game-breaking in order to be notable, though, and Splatoon 3 brought us a rather interesting if not amusing bug this month. Some LDN users quickly noticed how the scoring system seemed to be awarding certain teams with some frankly outrageous scores.

It turned out that due to the unique way points are scored in Splatoon (how much map coverage you have), resolution scaling values above native were actually causing the game to believe there were more pixels covered in paint than there were. This quickly turned into a GPU arms-race on the LDN server to see who could get the all-time world-record before a “fix” dropped. Funnier still was scaling in the opposite direction, to resolutions lower than native, which made it impossible to actually swim in any ink, thus completely breaking a large portion of gameplay for many users. By scaling the SamplesPassed counter in accordance with the resolution, both of these quirks were resolved!

Mostly rateyourmusic, my preferred review site. Between the user-made lists, looking at the favorites of people whose taste I respect, and the charts putting together average user ratings with an absurd amount of sorting options, it covers most of my needs.

yt-dlp would be how I’d accomplish this, as it supports Apple Podcasts and is something I keep around anyway. For someone not tech savvy and probably not familiar with the terminal, there are several GUIs for youtube-dl out there. I can’t tell you which is the best one, but Open Video Downloader seems decent enough.

How exactly would that be different with nonfree licenses though? If each person retained control of their contributions like is typical for other user-submitted content, moving to a new one would be an absolute nightmare and basically impossible unless you got everyone who ever made a contribution on board to revoke the fandom wiki’s right to use it and then moved that onto the new one. That seems like an even worse situation which puts anyone who wants to move at a disadvantage in content.

Do you know details on this? I don’t see how that would work under CC BY-SA, as long as they’re giving credit and are using the same license.

It’s worth mentioning that content on fandom wikis is usually CC BY-SA and use a fork of MediaWiki which is under GPLv2.

I’m not really arguing with your point or anything, free culture just doesn’t really save us here.