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just in general this has been an incredible week of gamer entitlement. this is also happening to the God of War devs

a skeletal form of IE lives on in microsoft edge, but for the most part IE has and will be put out to pasture for good in the next year or so:

Microsoft will start rolling out a new prompt over the coming months that redirect those still using Internet Explorer over to Microsoft Edge. Eventually, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled as part of a future Windows update. You can read more about how Microsoft is handling the removal of Internet Explorer in Windows right here.

While Microsoft has moved to its Chromium-powered Edge as the default browser on Windows 11, the MSHTML engine that powers Internet Explorer is still part of Windows 11. It exists purely for IE mode in Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft says it will support IE mode in Edge through at least 2029.

this is particularly funny after the blatantly false fearmongering of wind and solar being the reason the texas grid melted down in february 2021