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Never touching that shitty franchise again after this.

What if they don’t have that much RAM?

Did you even read the article or just the headline?

I did I looked at the whole thing. I guess I didn’t think my thought over properly.

The article states that the decisive event was the declaration of war by the SU which would open up another front that Japan was not prepared for because they had their forces dispatched to defend the American naval invasion (or at least inflict heavy casualties) in order to stand better ground in negotiations and evade unconditional surrender. Besides they were hoping for diplomatic “support” from the SU in order to contain American influence in Eastern Asia. Considering the non-aggression pact between Japan and the Soviet Union this seems plausible.

However, the heavy work during war in the pacific theatre was undoubtly borne by China and (to some degree) the USA, though the soviet introduction was decisive for surrender.


The U.S still larped off from China and the USSR though; I highly doubt they would have even entered if Imperial Japan didn’t attack the U.S.

*As always,* the Soviets did most of the work and the Usonos plagarized them, lmao.

Betting on Esperanto [Vetate Esperanto]
Ne uzu la vorto totalismo. Tamen, mi ŝatas ĉi tiu artikolo.

I bet they wouldn’t do the same for George Floyd protests.

Claude Piron - Some Comments on Ignorance About Esperanto
I wouldn't be surprised if most of these complaints were from *anglos*.

Not necessarily Esperanto, which I think is an impressive accomplishment of it’s time (kaj kiun mi parolas), but I think a modern -and international- effort could produce a superior language.

Esperanto is modern and international already; it can easily adapt to ASCII environments and is supported in Unicode.

Esperanto is mostly Indo-European, and Zamenhof knew Hebrew.

This is not a new problem, but the natural consequence of the world breaking free of english hegemony. Where as the pain was felt before by others, now it will be felt by us as well.

Remember, for most of post-agricultural history, we have been propagandized into nationalism by slave masters and feudalists. It was only during capitalism that humans began to embrace cooperation among other nations; and there’s still a ton of nationalism today.

Given that nationalism seeps into language, it’s no surprise that the idea of a nationa language is so strong. They’re called natural languages, but in practice, all human languages are fundamentally constructed; Esperanto is just blatant.

But we do need a better solution, and I think Esperanto is a better solution.

Yep. Far better than English.

Got any better sources? Wikipedia is puppeted by the U.S bourgeoisie.

Any second language used only for programming purposes is going to be doomed from the outset anyway.

Not if it’s consistently used by everyone.

I work in a Chinese engineering firm. They work with Chinese people (and me). They sell their products to Chinese firms. What possible incentive could they have to make all their engineers use a different language than Mandarin to communicate in?

They don’t and that’s fine.

If they grow to the point that international markets are a concern, they’ll have to i18n their products anyway and given the costs of that, updating the design documents in another language is a minor cost.

Yep, including conlangs.

Conlang IALs are a solution in search of a problem for an overwhelming number of professionals.

In search of what problem?

They present a high-cost initial barrier of entry (the time it takes to learn the conlang to fluency) with a very low payout in the short- and medium-term for almost all involved people.

Where’s your proof?

Learning English and Mandarin also has a high-cost initial barrier of entry; IALs are however better designed for inter linguistic speakers.

And even if the engineers in question did learn the conlang do you genuinely believe they’ll use it when doing work among other speakers of their own language?


Do you genuinely believe the conlang will be the primary communication tool?

IALs, yes.

I love how this is always framed: “…terrible to non-existent English support…”

Terrible to non-existent English support for projects designed in native languages.

There’s about 400 million native English speakers in the world. There’s about a billion native Mandarin speakers in the world. Why is it never framed “…terrible to non-existent Mandarin support…”? There’s about 475 million native Spanish speakers in the world. Why is it never framed “…terrible to non-existent Spanish support…”?

How is the population of speakers relevant to the language support of programs?

Even the way internationalists frame things is very telling.

Telling about what?

When I was in elementary school, when I started programming, I was frustrated because I was lined up with English that I had never learned. Also, you have released many low-quality services that do not support anything other than ASCII, which even Japanese elementary school students would not create. This mikutter is a precious opportunity for you to relive how we have been oppressed for generations.

Yeah, that right there is why I’m trying to fight against the English hegemony (through using Esperanto more in my programming projects). No one should be left out of contributing to a project just because the development industry systemically enforces foreign speakers to learn a national language of some far off country.

How so? If anything, it was worse.

Yes, but the USSR didn’t outright harass them like the RF is.

Oh, yeah I agree with you lmao. I’d wait for better sources too.

What sources are these?

Climate change again… I hate capitalism so much.

Devus programaj komandoj estate skribis en komanda formo aŭ senfina formo?
Konfusita mi sur ke temo.

The programming language is the IAL.

Then why are most programming languages in English and why are there non-English programming languages? Remember, tokens can be anything as long as it is usable.

This all is ofc excluding the other problems in IALs,

What are the problems?

And IMO English as the current Lingua Franca is most understood,

It’s also a very difficult language and largely spread through imperialism.

and the hassle of having to learn a new language for even communicating about programming.

Which is what foreign programmers have to do to be able to interact with the English software development industry: they often have to learn English, and it’s unfair that they have to learn a non-native language to even use most software, let alone develop them.

(That’s why I’m increasing my usage of Esperanto in my programming.)

I love conlangs, but this is not the use case for them.

Conlangs ≠ IALs

This is an excellent use case; the development of the internet has resulted in unprecedented collaboration between countries. This means that conflicts on which language to start will inevitably occur, due to the effort it would take to translate all of them. (I think that language should be an IAL, like Esperanto.)

Esperanto can also be used for older programs as it can be encoded in ASCII through the H/X writing systems.’

I just think we should common terms among languages, and design them such that they are usable to speakers of other languages.

Then the terms would have to be translated into other languages’ spelling systems, which would be impossible because of their massive difference.

How do you expect to accomplish this?

Having totally different terms in my native language and English is pretty confusing at times…

Likely because the U.S have imposed a culture of expecting you to learn English to support software development without taking much action to improve IALs.

International auxiliary languages should be utilized in software development (to improve international collaboration).
Given that international auxiliary languages allow for more efficient cooperation; I think more people should consider using an easily learnable IAL, like [Esperanto](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto). IALs would reduce the English dominance that gate-keeps software development to English persons; and hence allow more potential software developers to better develop software. The English language is mostly dominant in software development because of linguistic imperialism.

Mo Black is an anarchist so I wouldn't take their opinions at face value. But good god *they're right.* Konosuba really does seem to be misogynist and I didn't even realize until now. I kinda feel guilty for that. (I think I had that feeling; but I didn't realize Konosuba was outright misogynist until now.) Sorry Aqua...

The U.S has officially become the fourth Reich.