Please, recommend some mobile games for iOS?
I am brand new to mobile gaming lol. I have done some searching around but I'm unable to find anything that suits my interests. I prefer games that are MMORPG or RPG the most (recently uninstalled Diablo Immortal for many reasons). However, I am open to any and all suggestions.

#VivaLaDirtLeague #MentalHealth #InternetLife

Diablo Immortal is now banned in China
This is hilarious. Blizzard created Diablo Immortal with the express purpose of getting their foot into the Chinese market. Then some genius at Blizzard had the brilliant idea to make a post on Weibou (a social network in China) to make fun of Xi Jinping: [Picture of post]( Welp, there goes that Tencent money. Couldn't have happened to a nicer company, too.

Announcements of interest: * Nier Automata: GOTY edition announced, launching October 6 * Persona series (3 Portable, 4 Golden, 5 Royale) announced for Switch! * Return to Monkey Island gameplay trailer * Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope releasing October 20 * Pac Man World remake announced * Portal collection releasing TODAY Overall, pretty good direct. I don't own a Switch but it sounds perfect to play the persona series on.

First they force everyone on a microshit account, then ban you from your own server for drinking a beer... GODDAMNIT EVERYTHING MICROSOFT TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT.

I had a hard time to find SteammDB' like alternatives for GOG However, I figured out I could use IsThereAnyDeal for GOG:,&steamcnt/5000/max,&steamperc/80/100,&cut/50/100,&storelow - Steam review count 5000 – max - Positive on Steam 80 – 100% - At least 50% off - Lowest store price I open deals in new tabs, check out the game rating (for me it's 4+) and its all good.

This game looks so weird but pretty fun. It's like Remnant: From the Ashes + Call of Juarez. Looking forward to it.

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