> Holterman immediately rushed to see his general practitioner, who prescribed him a round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, the drugs had no effect, and the personal assistant’s condition began to deteriorate further, with the bumps lingering for several weeks. Better question: Why did the doctor jump immediately to antibiotics instead of checking the pathogen? U.S doctors suck ass…

It's all about "revenue per employee"

Train explosion poisoning the air in Northeast Ohio - r/CrazyFuckingVideos
The cops tried to ***fucking cover it up!*** 🤣 Hmm, I wonder why people don't trust the authorities™ here. --- La kapitalisma policistaro ***provis kaŝi ĝin!*** 🤣

Explosion, plume of smoke from train derailment scene in East Palestine, Ohio
Huge vinyl chloride spill being ignited. Thankfully they averted the railway strike.

Des Moines teen sex trafficking victim who killed alleged rapist to be sentenced Wednesday
Holy shit. They are straight up punishing victims of sex trafficking for defending themselves! --- Ok, it was a big mistake getting trapped into porn sites.

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