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Did they also calculate the thousands of hours they spent customising their vim config?

But they said it should work better with pulseaudio

However, it works perfectly fine for me on Arch Linux with Pipewire-Pulse. Garuda Linux is pretty similar, so I’d recommend just using Pipewire.

Pipewire-Pulse actually translates API calls to Pulseaudio for Pipewire.

I thought Clippy was the useless cousin? Paperclips are more helpful in an office environment than Clippy in my experience…

Fun fact: in Germany, Clippy’s name is Karl Klammer.

Another fun fact: Clippy’s real name is Clippit.

Use PulseMeeter, you can do a simultaneous output with it. It’s basically the Linux version of the VoiceMeeter Banana program for Windows.

FWIW, I get the same error, in text form for discoverability via search engine:

(paprefs:68653): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 07:28:23.188: Settings schema 'org.freedesktop.pulseaudio.module-group' is not installed
[1]    68653 trace trap (core dumped)  paprefs

Linux is not Unix. What a noob, he’s rightfully ignored. The chads with the girlfriends probably use Arch Linux.

I know. It’s even mentioned in the article. They should’ve still designed a non copyrighted version.

What do you need to do with paprefs? I found that other Pulseaudio related software works pretty well if you have pipewire-pulse installed, e.g. PulseMeeter.

Cute? Try actually using them. I have nightmares.

Also, they didn’t include the paperclip emoji which is a dealbreaker for me.

PSA: if you switched from Pulseaudio to Pipewire (or started to use Pipewire), change the resample quality to reduce audio distortion (e.g. crackling, hissing)
Why do they even include settings by default which introduce crackling and hissing noises? I found that even starting with `resample.quality = 7` I couldn't hear any difference, younger people (like teenagers) might be able to distinguish 8-9. Maybe use 8 as a default value?

They won’t. You should rather focus on convincing the people getting money coffers from them.

Yeah, they didn’t research properly. They just visited the website and ‘researched’ what happens when you click their links.

You misunderstood me. You’re criticising the porn industry for putting these people on the list. But that the list exists in the first place and Facebook uses it to police its platform outside of the law is more alarming than that.

So the disgusting part for you isn’t the actual bullshit list itself?

Who needs children? They don’t have money to buy Tesla cars.

The reasoning that social media platforms used by many people are categorically bad for mental health is something I can get behind.

Is this the equivalent of a sweatshop worker sewing in labels with ‘help me, I’m trapped and forced to sew clothes’?

I can’t just remove the “hard drive” can I?

Yes, you can. You could desolder the flash chips which are used to store your data.

You could also pry the phone open and destroy the flash chip.

Newer Android phones thankfully have full disk encryption which makes recovery without a PIN nearly impossible.

Wormhole is basically what the system from the video is, just a different UI. They may even be compatible with each other.

Build of [Proton](https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/) with the most recent bleeding-edge proton experimental [WINE](https://www.winehq.org/). Things it contains that Valve's proton does not: * [DXVK](https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk) patched with Async, which can be toggled with DXVK_ASYNC=1 * Additional media foundation patches for better video playback support * AMD FSR patches added directly to fullscreen hack that can be toggled with WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 * FSR Fake resolution patch (details here: #52) * Nvidia CUDA support for phsyx and nvapi * Raw input mouse support * Fix for Mech Warrior Online * Fix for Asseto Corsa HUD * Fix for MK11 crash in single player * Fix for Killer Instinct Vulkan related crash * Fix for Cities XXL patches * 'protonfixes' system -- this is an automated system that applies per-game fixes (such as winetricks, envvars, EAC workarounds, overrides, etc). * Various upstream WINE patches backported * Various wine-staging patches applied as they become needed

OptaPlanner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine. It enables everyday programmers to solve optimization problems efficiently. Constraints apply on plain domain objects and can call existing code. It is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming (FP) friendly. There’s no need to input constraints as mathematical equations. OptaPlanner supports - Continuous planning to weekly publish the schedule, 3 weeks before execution - Non-disruptive replanning for changes to an already published schedule - Real-time planning to react on real-time disruptions in the plan within milliseconds - Overconstrained planning when there are too few resources to cover all the work - Pinning so the user is still in control over the schedule Under the hood, OptaPlanner combines sophisticated Artificial Intelligence optimization algorithms (such as Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing, Late Acceptance and other metaheuristics) with very efficient score calculation and other state-of-the-art constraint solving techniques for NP-complete or NP-hard problems.

I installed Steam as Flatpak. How to load existing library folder?
I have Steam, Steam (Native) and Steam in my launcher list. The latter seems to be the flatpak version. Even after I enabled the paths under "other files" in Flatseal, I can't access those paths when selecting a Library folder in Steam. ![/usr/local/games shown in Flatseal Files selection](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/da99f303-d01e-4d98-9010-389bd34bc432.png) How do I access my "regular" Steam library in a non-default location with the Flatpak version of Steam?

PSA: LinkedIn just leaked my birthday (and it could leak yours)
Even though I set the visibility of my birthday to "Only you", people were messaged on my birthday that it occurred. ![screenshot of birthday setting](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/e674a522-9851-40f2-900a-899599bf8b94.png) Keep in mind that even though [LinkedIn states that other people are not messaged when you set this to a private setting](https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a550097?lang=en), they still are. Obviously another capitalist industrial shenanigan from one of our favourite data krakens, Microsoft.

Ars reporting about this: [New ultra-stealthy Linux backdoor "Symbiote" isn’t your everyday malware discovery](https://lemmy.ml/post/309601)

> Vessels continue to pollute the world's oceans with oily wastewater. A DW investigation shows how seafarers circumvent environmental laws to save time and money, with devastating effects.