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I don't want to go to Chel-C
cross-posted from: > We are constantly reading of stories with one main theme where people turn to seemingly "simple" systems in order to manage complexity; except that these systems manage to produce complex problems, without having to acquire historical cruft, or suffering from any of the usual issues that produce non-essential complexity. There is a trend in programming language design, and a particular language that we will focus on, that are both seemingly gaining popularity today, for their minimalism and supposed simplicity. However, neither is awfully simple in practise; it appears there are good reasons why, and we will give some reasons at the end of this article.

How to add gifs in markdown
Hey, How are you all doing? Just a quick query, how do we add gifs in markdown? for some reason, the gif isn’t reflecting I used the same syntax given [here]( Are any other solutions available?

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