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This has worked for me really well too, the price is good and things just work.

Saadaankohan tästäkin kuviosta vielä hyvä elokuva aikaiseksi, vai onko vaan tylsä mokien sarja?

Good points. Also it’s a bit of a stretch to say the different parties are using it for free anyway, because professionally maintaining infrastructure in a way where even a bit of resilience is expected is not cheap. The budget for running these self-hosted platforms can easily be eaten by one person’s salary + infrastructure costs. It in many cases would probably be cheaper to just pay for Slack, but because of some requirements they rather pick one of the open source ones and do what they can within the allocated budgets. I doubt there’s any malicious intent in these situations, or any wish to just be freeloading, but something a bit more complex.

Ofc would be nice if money was flowing the right direction.

That’s quite a bit of work, well done. Shame to hear that the funding situation is like that.

Accurate. What most of my Matrix usage has also been about.

Awesome, thanks for sharing. I was looking for something like this a while ago and never bumped into this one, it’s very useful!

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looking at the demos at their website https://www.synthesia.io/ , while impressive they are also pretty uncanny.

Thanks 👍 I need to try noatime if that would help. The CPU on my home server is crappy enough that I’ve just skipped even trying the compression out. Might still work with zstd, let’s see at some point in the future…

What other things did you have to disable? Disabling CoW helped a lot, would like to try out other stuff too if there’s benefits to it.

Are there any examples of projects they are actively contributing to?

It’s hard to get rid of video ads with pi-hole afaik, because pi-hole works on the DNS level and video ads are a few layers higher. For normal ads I don’t seem to need an adblocker anymore, pretty much the stock block lists and a few I found that were recommended, but video ads still need the adblocker.

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isn’t this the beginning of the story in Snowpiercer?