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I really don’t like compulsory military service, it’s a human rights violation in my opinion.

Yeah also it’s just a good idea, maybe an open-source OS will copy it :)

insisting to people who say ‘it’s too difficult’ or ‘I’m not interested in doing that’ that it is, in fact, very easy to do.

I agree with your assessment, but on the other hand sometimes people don’t know or forget about the hard work by volunteers to even make things work in the state they are. Aggressively claiming that this project isn’t user friendly and that’s why people can’t use it and it should have a nicer UI and whatnot sometimes is very unfair. There isn’t a behavioral scientist and a shitload of UI designers in every open-source software project ^^

Oh I can totally see how someone would feel that way. Sorry but unfortunately it’s like that on many smaller alternatives to the big social networks. I guess it’s because it’s mostly tech people that think about the problems and implications that the big social media brings. Tech people then can then find an alternative.

I guess this won’t change in the near future.

I don’t use it with an app but I totally think that lemmy deserves a really well made app. Who has the time though ;)

I would never send new users to lemmy.ml, but a few other servers have lemmygrad.ml blocked, which helps a lot!

What are your feeling concerning Lemmy today?
I like it a lot. I come here often, it's a good addition to my reddit use, it has some nice people and some interesting content. I love that it is decentralized, which means that there will always be a server without ads, tracking or bad governance. Also it feels like being part of Lemmy is being part of something new and novel. The idea of decentralizing services online, away from corporate silos, should be resurrected.

I think it’s normal to miss people that once were in your life. Shouldn’t be missed every day, but on a sad day I can get quite some nostalgia as well.

What the hell how is this happening. Why aren’t people rioting over this?

They also could double battery capacity. This would lead to somewhat larger and thicker smartphones, but the battery would last much longer, because it is used at much lower rates.

I get the feeling that it’s working pretty well

and probably traffic jams most of the time



They should just widen all their car infrastructure by a factor of 2 /s

No you should be able to log into either a lemmy.ml or lemmygrad.ml account on any device. Make sure you’re on the lemmy.ml website to login there and vice versa. If you log in from an app, make sure to select the correct server there.

I have to disagree from personal experience. There has only once in my life been a mailing list that it was useful to have been subscribed to, it was by a friend group. Every other mailing list that I was ever part of was a waste of time.

You should reaaaaally get an SSD, you would probably save power as well, because it’s not as active. Also it would be 397598374x faster ^^

yeah THAT is the problem with reddit /s