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the left one links to the post looking through your server. The other one links back to the server that the post was posted on.

haha that’s a good idea, but in my experience only if there are at least a handful of people who would post to it! For now I have posted about incremental games twice I think, both times on the beehaw gaming sub, which is fine :)

Yeah this change is fairly new, with a recent update, and I feel like it’s not implemented perfectly yet.

Make sure to also have Undetermined selected, since many people post that way.

It’s not a big deal, as the posts to these communities and thus the communities should be in your ALL tab anyways. As long as someone on your server already follows them.

😭😭😭😭 soooooo bad in hindsight

Omg I remember, it was so bad. Some docks had the new connection, some had the old one.

Wow that’s bad. I wonder if the ff store has the same problems.

But atheism doesn’t only make sense if you have a bleak outlook to life.

Although some people may turn out to be happy, this is not guaranteed, so to procreate is to gamble with another person’s suffering without their consent.

Therefore it is immoral to create life.

This part

They need food, housing, medicine, (medical) care?

Well productivity isn’t a moral good in itself 😃

I think that this kind of philosophy leads to very weird conclusions, that’s why I abstain from it.

I think I am mainly worried about those peoples mental health. I don’t even want them to have children, I agree that having more or less humans isn’t a moral good or bad.

I allow myself to eat animal products

ha checkmate I’m vegan btw ;)

I personally think it’s myopic, as you’re forcing someone else to deal with these problems and you didn’t even give them an option - and by the time they’re old enough to understand the magnitude of the problem, they’re in too deep to get out. It just screams of selfishness and duplicity to me.

This is the part I don’t really understand. I am not grateful for existing either, but existing has got to be a neutral, right? Idk

That’s a personal observation, for example I often see it in vegan space online.

Oh ok sorry. I was just endorsing tax breaks etc for parents :)

Haha yes things aren’t great, but that’s no reason to give up.

otherwise they become other people’s problem.

I mean yes, but also if people want to retire they need a workforce to keep society running, no? This is not me advocating for having kids, but for society helping raise kids.

Why would the state bail out people who bought houses that are clearly built in unsustainable areas?

Do you use reddit mostly through the app or web?
Because I only use web, on mobile and desktop. I can't live without adblock.

What do you think of antinatalism?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinatalism I think it's stupid and worrying that their ideas are gaining traction. I am not opposed to people not having children or representing themselves as a block, but the idea that having kids is bad is just plain dumb. My own experience in life makes it reek a lot like mental health issues in those who are antinatalists.

Lmao first they offer free good services and then once enough people are there they squeeze them as good as possible. I wonder when discord will start.

Let’s be real what reddit offers is only a lot of users, all the tech can easily be rebuilt.

Who can tell me how federation works between peertube servers?
Because it doesn't seem to work as I expected. I thought if a peertube server follows another peertube server that all the videos that the second server uploads to any channel are automatically pushed into the timeline of the first server. That doesn't seem to be the case though, I have seen multiple servers that follow each other but the videos posted on one are nowhere to be found on the other. Why have this servers following servers thing then? Is it just a whitelist? But if it was a whitelist I shouldn't be able to follow any accounts on other servers from an obscure pt account, which doesn't seem to be the case also. Soooooo, any ideas? Just bugs?

desantis twitter announcement failed lmao
can't even do an audio stream to 400k people xDDDDDD Join in the next "twitter space" to even increase server load :)