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I think a lot of instances (including sopuli) already banned my yoggie buddy. I have to login to lml just to see his posts 😂!

You might like nrsk.no, it doesn’t block any instances – i.e. expects users to filter their feed themselves

I think the best way to go about it, is simply to do instance wide ban to main actors. 2-3 bans will clear 80 % of the problem. On the personal level you can block them as well

I love how Russia couldn’t do a thing about it during these 5 months. Do you realize how bad you look posting this controversial news? Does anyone give you any benefit of the doubt?

Oh no, the war didn’t happen over pelosi visit, how could you predict that aside from not choosing to post propaganda?!

Oh no, economics and logistics don’t add up, oh snap

You got me curious! Could you share some of your hidden gems of lemmyverse: has <10 subs and posts quality content at least once a month?

For all my comrades out there, opportunity of the lifetime ![](https://i.imgflip.com/140tle.jpg)

On the serious note, there’s literally /c/askwomen in lemmy.ca

Why are you so racist to canadians? 🤣


Takeover the sub, adopt the canadian persona, post your dimensions and one day I just might come to you

Why am I not people to you?!!!

It’s been 25 mins, ANSWER TO ME

if you wanna simply to hang out with people, consider joining some matrix chats. Real time communication is easier with instant notifications.

What the heck I just watched lol

It's full of ads tho, gotta enable ublock first

Preview entire federated instance while staying on my main one?
I find it awkward to go to another instance (say lemmygrad.ml) where I'm not registered to figure out if I like it or not. Without logged in profile I cannot participate in the discussion, can't upvote, subscribe to communities. To do all that I need to go to my main instance where I'm signed in and manually type address of a community on another instance. Only after that I can participate in it. So I'd like to preview a federated Lemmy instance or at least list of its communities without leaving Lemmy.ml Can I do that? P.s. I realize I can preview separate communities on federated instance but can I preview the whole instance?