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Very interesting. I didn’t know anything like this existed.


I'm working on another volunteer project and would be very grateful for anyone here to contribute their artistic skills.
This project started mere days ago between my self and a developer from Cambridge UK. We've been able to recruit nine other volunteers so far. Our greatest need right now is graphic artists to help out a little with logos and feedback on overall design. Please, let me know if you are interested and thank you for considering.

Good riddance. Folks, cryptocurrencies and NFT are the largest grift/scam in our modern era.

It was XV. The new Diablo Immortal is very fun. You may want to check it out.

I tried playing Final Fantasy and couldn’t get into it. Both my sons tried as well and didn’t like it. Right now, we all play Diablo III, Diablo Immortal, DC Universe, Minecraft, and a few others.

Metacritic is what I use and it looks great over there: I, personally, haven’t played it.


First time I’ve heard of it. For one, Kagi isn’t FOSS.

That information is in the screenshot of the email:

Kagi will come as a free version with limited use; and an unlimited use, paid option at $10 a month, both versions having great search results with less spam and completely ad-free, tracking free, and with none of your search data being retained.

New Kagi search engine, now in closed beta, will enter open beta in two weeks.
Today I was, finally, allowed into the closed beta of [Kagi]( Here is a screenshot of the email that I received from the developer this morning: ![]( Here's a screenshot of the search results for 'lemmy fediverse': ![]( As far as I can tell, there are no ads nor tracking. There is a lot that I do not know since I just started using it a little bit today.

Some, if not all, of the mobile games should be available on tablets as well.

My family absolutely loves our PS5. I’d like to try the switch sometime. It’s a great solution for mobility. However, the mobile phone gaming market looks like it will be exploding soon. Diablo Immortal, for example, releases next month.

I just bought the latest iPod six months ago. I'm going to hang onto this for a looooooong time. I bet in twenty years I could sell it for a fortune.