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But this is intentional, by the scientists, in order to get ahead of a potential problem. Permafrost will, continually, thaw because of climate change. Thus, scientists are trying to stave off any severe viral outbreaks.

Yes. All good points that you’ve made. I have noticed a little bit of a lag in between Mastodon and Lemmy. Maybe it is by design though.

Are you going to follow your self? 😂

I've made an account at Mastodon
My profile is [here]( I, mainly, set this up to see how Mastodon interacts with the rest of the Fediverse including Lemmy. So far, I'm impressed with the simplicity and functionality of Mastodon.

My firewall blocks the domain. Would you anyone mind providing the full link so I can view this? Thanks.

This is both scary and infuriating.

Link to study:

As admins, how do we want to handle submissions (posts) in light of what was uncovered by

The authors are both incredibly suspect here and, IMHO, should be rejected from any mention on this instance. Questioning the prevailing science around a pandemic with human lives at stake? Egregious, insulting and harmful statements directed at certain individuals?

Years ago my wife and I used YNAB (You Need A Budget) in order to understand where our money was going, etc. There’s a great resource at Reddit’s Personal Finance community here:

I haven’t used ‘My Expenses’ and hadn’t heard of it until now.

I mentioned ES as a mass migration and not necessarily problematic.

I witnessed first-hand the Eternal September and this is looking similar in so many ways. Fascinating and, hopefully, something that will further level the playing field for people who want to use the utility of the Internet for the good of all.

Good question and, honestly, I don’t know. You could try to find out the answer over at

As far as I know there isn’t. Someone could always go to and create one.

Did some quick listens for the past ten minutes and I like it so far. Thanks!

I experienced the Eternal September first hand and this sounds almost exactly like it.

Looking for suggestions...please
I've always been drawn, primarily, to alternative music. Some examples go way back to R.E.M., The Smiths and The Cure. A few years ago I discovered [Phoenix]( and have latched onto them. Do you have any other recommendations?

MTV hasn't released the original (color + high definition) copy of this performance. I was able to get my hands on a leaked 'sloppy' transfer version and 'remaster' it with post production software.