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After listening to a Neil Young listography I,ve been checking out a small selection of the large amount of his work I haven’t heard. The guy is prolific.

That would be why I’ve seen the Anthony Bourdain quote posted around a bit.

Aah yes - updated!

Am I the only one that thinks that looks like a franken-console based on the supplied pics? Quite unenticing, the switch/steamdeck approach (although lets be fair - I havent used either…) feels more to my taste.

Watched this last night - in two sessions. Loved it, but its definitely something you need to be in the mood for given pacing. You can see how the more modern Annihilation is a spiritual successor -

In an electric wizard mood today. Love this track on headphones or cranked. Mark Greenings drummings fantastic, so loose but perfect.

Nonplussed about the protocol used, privacy and potential for enshittification are bigger deals.

Personally I never liked mastodon all that much, (I’d take pleroma,misskey,friendica + variants over it )so a little dispiriting to see it dominate with Google like proportions. Not surprised though.

Worth checking out even if just to experience a different approach than the big beast.

Calkey lemmy community at @calckey@lemmy.blahaj.zone

Had to [edit] the title that was incorrect The race was summed up by [leedler on reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/133o4ek/comment/jiareza/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x): *Checo was fantastic all weekend, great showing. Genuinely the best on pace. Glad to see Charles back on the podium too. But the actual race was pure ass*

I feel for the mastodon devs a little. People scream ‘onboardings too difficult, why make me pick a server!!!’ and when it gets changed to promote a single server (with a secondary button to choose your own) everyone loses their minds.

There are plenty of issues beyond this. Discoverablilty, identity blah blah. I’m more concerned that 6 months after twit explodes, not much has happened with those, or that another fedi app hasn’t taken the crown. Lots to the apps and interfaces only work on mastodon, not a ap standard.

Maybe it would take a **-funded startup using activity pub to get things sorted.

Viva la Speccy. Also had a play on an Acorn once, pretty flash at the time.

Jeff Minter @llamasoft_ox@toot.wales Active poster on all sorts.

Ron Gilbert. @grumpygamer@mastodon.gamedev.place Active poster on gavedev and other.

I do like how there has been a burst of energy with new ideas in a space that has been stagnant for a while, and that people don’t aren’t invested in one idea.

Yeah the headline is pure clickbait. The movie can just suck because… it wasn’t good.

Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, and the first great war for your thumbs
The author of the forthcoming book ‘Shift Happens’ looks at some brilliant, idiosyncratic—and often ill-fated—gambits to transform computer input.

Perhaps no one from beehaw has subscribed to them so they’re not federating If you search for any of those URLS from the search function e.g. https://lemmy.ml/c/vrpg do they come up?

On lemmy it generally doesn’t matter as much, given the ALL tab. But you have to still consider which instances your local might be blocking…

I like the approach - keeps the instance focused, gives it direction and prevents a ton of empty abandoned communities popping up.

With federation between lemmy instances a user on your lemmy needs to sub to a community on a different lemmy instance, then posts from that remote community will start appearing in your local ALL feed, as well as the users subscribed feed.

Art by maruki (@maruki@mastodon.social)

Windows has been getting worse for this. If I didn’t have a need to run windows apps for work I’d shift to Linux on my daily driver.

Mastodon isn’t good enough for the long run. we laugh at BlueSky, but it is a legitimate threat, and it could very easily wind up eating the fediverse. all they have to do is make it more palatable to the mainstream

I can see existing Fedi services adopting the blue sky protocol to stay relevant, once slicker platforms start running on it.

Not sure if this warrants a reply, but with the detailed followup it seems rude not to. Good detail on all points.

I liked how Zelda Ocarina, Windwaker, and Twilight were all similar, but by twilight I was over the formula a bit. Same with Metroid Prime and RE4, what did I want? More of the same, until stale, rinse repeat.

Generally franchises don’t reinvent the wheel with each release. Botw was a successful reinvention so why not release an iteration. Note I don’t have a switch, never played BOTW.

For some reason I got my back up about not being able to download a streaming video from a site. I didn't need the video, but this guide was useful for grabbing via VLC

The discoveries it makes - never going to get old to me.

Sounds like a click bait headline -I haven’t seen it given the two sequels killed any interest I had in the universe, but maybe if I get the chance i will check it out.

Via [Hungarian Old Computers](https://www.holdcomputers.com/)

Heres hoping that all the projects considering group support can implement a standard approach.

As amazing as sending people to the moon was it’s the photos returned from the probes sent out to explore the solar system and beyond that fuelled my interest.

50 years ago, Pioneer 11 set sail for the outer solar system
Pioneer 11 was the first spacecraft to explore Saturn up close. But that was far from its only accomplishment.

50 years ago, Pioneer 11 set sail for the outer solar system
Pioneer 11 was the first spacecraft to explore Saturn up close. But that was far from its only accomplishment.

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/516926 > Unsurprisingly sounds a lot like Cloudkicker, though without the harder edge (from what I've heard from him)

Unsurprisingly sounds a lot like Cloudkicker, though without the harder edge (from what I've heard from him)

Out of and estimated 80 million kg. Still good work.

… Having never actually given the vehicle a test drive on snow…—the crew began the journey of just two miles to the Little America exploration base. The Snow Cruiser was immediately out of its depth… They weren’t going to make it to the South Pole; the Snow Cruiser could barely make it across the Ross Ice Shelf where it landed

Face meet palm.

Agree with the sentiment that tyre changes should not be allowed under a red flag.

Not shocked definitely a relic.

No but I think a some point the price of meat products will push people towards alternate options, or reduction.