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Good overview I enjoyed that.

Amazing they were able to restore the xcom rep with the last couple of releases. I thought it would never happen.

The first two xcoms are stone cold classics that still hold up today. Chaos (8bit) is a lot of fun. Rebelstar raiders II was great at the time.

Good setlist. Nick Oliveri is what gave Qotsa its spark IMO.

That was quick. Square Enid had only just sold it recently. All comes back to making tv content / prime I guess.

Via Jeff minters acc @llamasoft_ox@toot.wales

Odd Fellows Rest, by Crowbar
Havent really listened to much crowbar but enjoying this based off a [recommendation](https://kvltofbrewtality.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/25-years-later-crowbar-obedience-thru-suffering/).

New to me too, not that I have an xbox, but sounds like another avenue for peeps to get to play Metroid Prime :D

No Dogs In Space — the Stooges (Podcast Series)
Posted for the reminder haven’t listened to yet. Recommended [here](https://indieweb.social/@STL_Inquiries/109717546315566286)

Looking forward to this as I loved the first one (others around me not so much)

Yeah hope everyone gets to relax for a little bit!

*Believe me when I tell you - life won’t break your heart, it’ll crush it* This is a great album for when you’re feeling down and out a need a little catharsis. It’s also is very groovy and energetic in places. Andrew Weiss’ bass playing is a highlight. [Ripplemusic](https://ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2009/04/rollins-band-end-of-silence.html) *It’s not just the lyrical content that I’ve found amazing about this album. The End of Silence is jam packed with music that shreds any preconceived notion of what hardcore punk is all about. And, that’s probably because this is anything but a hardcore punk rock album! This album is hopped up rock n’ roll turned up to eleven, just so the notes are that much more distorted and that much more intense. *

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Yes although not fussed on misskey inspired customisations. Active development and performance improvements sound good but perhaps just a short dev cycle to push their prioritised improvements.

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Self run pleroma. Looking to test friendica but the host didn’t have the right setup. Mastodon social account for testing. Account on bookwyrn, account on pixelfed.social.

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Aah ok. That’s the interesting thing about blocks, I can’t see yogthos post from sopuli (hence the double up) and it’s not something set on my account.

It would be good to get some indication of what convos you could be missing out on.

Anything that can work towards breaking the strangehold and pushes towards open data I can get behind.

What a waste of talent.

I have never been able to kill stupid things before they cause damage, or set a direction and have a team actually stick to it,"

From a related Ars Technica article

…Back in late 2021, Carmack also had some words of warning as Facebook changed its named to Meta and pivoted fully behind the amorphous idea of the metaverse. Carmack said we should be wary of “architecture astronauts” who do a lot of high-level hand-waving instead of building viable products that customers find useful.

Happily using this with the Audinaut app.

Happy with full timeline, I’ve followed people for a reason. Not interested in others making decisions for me cough fb. What I would like is a way to rank prioritise people and increase decrease feed volume based on priority that I choose. Also set / mute by topic.

The idea of a trending digest, posted elsewhere is also a good one. Opt in approaches.

Did not know that cheers.

Breaking into the US would be a tall order for any sport, would have been interesting to see how a branded version of league would have gone. Mix in a bit of MMA attitude.

Re the game If a team has to expend all their energy in a semi odds are they wont have much in the tank for the final. Against Australia even worse, should be proud though. Samoan flags have been out in force until recently!

Jeff is on the fediverse at @llamasoft_ox@toot.wales

Awesome - thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I have a bit of testing ahead of me.

Best Activitypub software to hang out with friends?
Mastodon/Pleroma looks to be for broadcast, what would be the best options for sharing content with friends/groups - I'm assuming without knowing better Diaspora or Frendica?

Excellent will have to test it out at some point when implemented (personally wasnt a fan of the old k9 ui)

Bluesky surely has to be the front runner for the better twitter even if it is only an underlying protocol. I don’t think Mastodon will ever be the front runner in that the devs don’t seem to want to imitate the hooks that allowed twitter to become so big in the first place (not a bad thing)

Mastodon feels like an interim step to something else. That you feel like something newer could develop, but you could still connect with current activitypubapps - is refreshing.

Up until google builds something to suck the life out of it but they might be busy with ai-infested search indexing.

Soapbox imo has to be one of the nicest front-ends for pleroma/mastodon style activitypub platforms, but it was intimated there were some reputational issues with it. Not up to speed I did a small amount of digging which led to plermoadrama. The creator/maintainer holds [certain viewpoints](https://blog.alexgleason.me/gab-block/) that are at odds with others in the community, to the point he recently declared Pleroma [to be dead](https://blog.alexgleason.me/pleroma-is-dead/) rebranding his pleroma-be approach as rebased. In addition - one of the contributing developers created a fork called [Akkoma](https://akkoma.social/) based off a [schism in the community](https://coffee-and-dreams.uk/development/2022/06/24/akkoma.html), where they declared their (lack of) [faith that pleroma dev will ever recover.](https://coffee-and-dreams.uk/development/2022/06/24/akkoma.html) Pleroma are currently [working towards a 2.5 update.](https://pleroma.social/announcements/2022/10/25/small-updates-and-donations/)

CSS Drawings
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The Quietus - Bakers Dozen
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