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How great is Rust without an operating system? I mean that hosted C++ implementations are great with their algorithms and whatnot, but freestanding implementations don’t actually add too much to plain C.

So what’s up with these so called terrorist organizations anyway?

I only use Liberapay as that’s the only one that’s clearly non-profit. If the project doesn’t use it, I’ll donate using direct payment methods, and just set a reminder in one year to renew. Manual Liberapaying so to speak.

Tossa jossain vaiheessa oli kansalaisaloite, että ydinvoimaloita ei pitäis ostaa tahoilta, jotka tekevät myös ydinaseita. Ei tainnut mennä eduskuntaan, mutta näemmä Venäjä hoisi homman ihan oma-aloitteisesti.

Hyviä Matrix kotiservuja?

Onko kenties jotain Sopulia vastaavaa?..


In my work some windows policy always switches the default browser back to edge. I had to write a script that swaps it back to Firefox on each boot :D

Apparently Youtube allows authors to distribute CC-BY licensed videos on their platform. The lack of Share Alike clause is unfortunate but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

Source: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797468?hl=en

26 mins seems needlessly specific (and neither does the article claim that there’s a consensus on this point) but overall allowing and even promoting people to take naps during shift is certainly positive.

I would be down for donating to content creators on Liberapay. The only thing I’m worried about is the legal status of “free videos”. To my knowledge most creators aren’t licensing their videos with CC etc. What rights do you actually hold over a youtube video for example?

Well one obvious reason would be adhering to a higher moral standard. By admitting that you don’t know, you also convey a message that you aren’t the kinda person who makes unconfirmed claims for personal benefit.

I had never even heard of them. Really seems like a great organization.

I tried subscribing to their atom feed with Akregator but just got errors :/

Jooh aika paksulta kuulostaa. On helppo lupailla kaikenlaista niin kauan kun ei ole mitään varsinaista uhkaa näköpiirissä.

That’s unfortunate, but as a silver lining I learned about the existence of mud volcanoes. Here’s a link to Wikipedia for the interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mud_volcano

Yeah I don’t see this replacing any of those tinker boards, which I assume are rather open as well.

And there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we can just use UNIX time!

Yeah 60 indeed has nice numeric properties. So does 24h but IMO it’s far less useful in practice. Apparently the roots are in Egypt. wikipedia.org/wiki/Decan

There are different proposals, 10 “hour” day is the traditional one. See wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_time

Maybe it would be a good time to fix that too and move to decimal time while we’re at it.

I wonder if there are any original installs left which have been just upgraded ever since?

The goal isn’t just to make profit, it’s to it make as much as possible. Would be an expected move in this sense.

Open dictionaries

For the first time ever I had to manually download dictionary files (to my e-reader). So I headed online expecting to find a clear king-of-the-hill free & open English-English dictionary, but it turned out that this was easier said than done. …