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This seems really cool. I’ve been perfectly content on just snapping windows to screen edges, but now with a big 4k monitor I often find myself manually fiddling with window sizes. Gotta give this a try.

KeePassXC integrates wonderfully with SSH agent and desktop secret service. Really nice piece of software 👌

Pretty interesting, shame I don’t have a turntable…

Probably it wouldn’t be too hard to piece together an aggregate view of several (likeminded) communities. But obviously you couldn’t post into this view directly.

So is it like another web application that just happens to implement ActivityPub, or is it somehow dedicated server which doesn’t do much on it’s own?

Like am I to treat this similarly as if someone told me about a new HTTP server?

I would have been confident enough in my reason to make that statement without any scientific research.

What exactly does it mean for a desktop application to support a processor architecture? Refrain from writing inline assembly?

At the very least it’s marketing for the protocol itself too.

How do they actually differ? I tend to group them as the same thing, as I’m not a user of either.

This I didn’t know

but to use it as a “real” license would mean you hope one day to use it in the statist legal system and i really question the legitimacy it would have there.

This is also a major point. Why beta-test an untested license, when there are plenty of solid licenses to choose from?

I’m no fan of capitalism, but to me open-source is more important than keeping capitalists away. AGPL would have been the correct choice of license IMO. It’s also pretty effective at repelling corporations.

The project licensing is a bit ehh. But ya I’m a user and liking it.

In general, how recoverable files tend to be in BTRFS? If you neglected snapshotting, that is ;)

I believe that their open-core business model is the biggest con. New features aren’t guaranteed to land on the free version.

Me too! While the site itself is not FOSS, it has a handy Open source filter when looking for alternatives.

Chess engines are another great example. AlphaZero was a strong neural network engine but since the code was never published, the open source Leela has since stolen the spotlight.

Does Podman run have a noconfirm setting?
Does podman run (among other commands) have a noconfirm type of option/config? Like apt's `$ apt-get install --yes pacman`, which will install pacman and automatically answer yes to any questions that might pop-up. In podman, when you have a conf like this in */etc/containers/registries.conf:* ` unqualified-search-registries = ['some-mirror.org', 'docker.io'] ` and you run something like: `$ podman run -it --rm archlinux bash -C "echo hello world"` It might happen that both of those registries have a container called `archlinux`. In this case podman will stop and ask you to choose. I would like to just default to the first option. Here's a blog post about container registries and podman (which didn't help but it's still interesting): https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/manage-container-registries

An interesting bit of mathematical modelling on elecitons. I wasn't aware of the [Condorcet paradox](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condorcet_paradox).

Hyviä Matrix kotiservuja?
Onko kenties jotain Sopulia vastaavaa?

Open dictionaries
For the first time ever I had to manually download dictionary files (to my e-reader). So I headed online expecting to find a clear king-of-the-hill free & open English-English dictionary, but it turned out that this was easier said than done. With my brief search I found the *StarDict* dictionaries, available [here](https://sites.google.com/site/gtonguedict/home/stardict-dictionaries). So, this is thread about open dictionaries! - Share you're favourite dictionaries - Is StarDict the go-to? - General thoughts on the matter