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Imagine poking a country’s president for no reason, I say…


False. Women are let go without consequences everytime it happens, whereas even if a man peeps at a woman on street, the woman can ruin his life with accusations and get away with it even if the male ends up committing suicide due to harassment committed by woman and society.

Another example is when a female adult would rape a male child or teen, but get away with it comfortably, and not get called a pedophile. Forbid even thinking the opposite happens, because there is unchallenged complete opposition to it. Pedophilia when adult woman does it is treated differently than when an adult male does it, and I have never seen feminists be as vocal about it, because it is benefit wise an insignificant fight to them.

Direct answer from the troll’s handbook :) Luckily you’re gonna miss your winter warmth and food soon.

If you still think NATO is a defensive organisation and Ukraine has Nazis heroes, I have some bad news for you: the facts you’re exposed to and spreding everywhere are just propaganda :)

Edit: I love how fascistic feminists are in their ideas of an equal society. If the power of males is taken away, males will ensure at all costs that the power of womb is taken away as well. Remember, equality. As long as genders and biological limitations exist, equality will not exist.


Feminism is not an equality movement, but a female identitarian superiority movement that uses the cape of “abolish patriarchy” to suppress men. Considering I have seen feminists that agree to the kind of things Lois Waisbrooker advocated (genociding men to 10% population ratio), I will disagree with such things until they are corrected.

Men’s rights used to be a very cringe movement, but when I see those types of communities being nuked, but something like r/FemaleDatingStrategy is encouraged, even MRA starts to look saner. I do not even follow MRA, but when I do see diseases like FDS or TwoXX being encouraged, I see a problem that clearly is rooted not in men, but in the desperation of a failed and regressive feminist movement, that otherwise screams about equality but does not really care about it.

Men are never going to be absorbed into a movement that is hostile towards them, it is only common sense. Feminists are largely convenient and sly activists that otherwise wish for more rights for them in the name of equalising the societal gender seesaw, but when it comes to doing labour or physical or military or any such work, immediately back off silently because they know any work that requires high effort, immediately becomes a man’s responsibility. This is also the same for military operations, where otherwise army women would be talked about in news and on Instagram with photoshoots, but on the war field it is always men, not women and children.

Women also stay behind in “breadwinning”, and this is where feminists have a hard time understanding why their movement will never fully succeed, and will always find the other half of the population as resistance. Capitalism has a very large role to play in this issue.

I often redirect people to this video, who want to see feminism issues, an actual authentic street interview about radical feminism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO0H-jKAcb8

I was introduced to an idea by someone that actually looks like a good attempt at real equality – cybercommunism. So called feminists actually flip out in shock over this idea, that if feminists want to take away the power of the males and their penises, the same must happen to the woman’s vagina and womb. Create artificial wombs, and accelerate the process to the point that being either gender stops being a problem. No matter if you are male or female, you can have kids, and choose to betray gender roles of society.

The crux of the problem is being either gender, because with it comes a lifetime’s worth of roles you have to fit in until you die. The woman will forever be subjugated to child bearing and caring because only she has the biological means for it. Only the man can do high end physical/military/labour work because he is physically biologically far more potent than a woman ever could. These are biological limitations that can only be solved either using biological evolution or technology, not a temporary bandaid like political infighting that harms the non-elite classes of society.

Which is why NATO should stop their failed proxy attempt to delete Russia off the map, and Ukraine purge Nazism out of its power structures.

It is, though, besides the citizen faction of society. The power structures have Nazis everywhere, not neo Nazis. They are literal descendants of Stepan Bandera and Hitler.

Yes I am an American exceptionalist… in an alternate dimension. In the past 400 or so years, we have seen only 2 countries having a solid duopoly on evil, that has transcended any evils that happened in ancient human history.

Putin is laughing like a maniac, looking at these failed party tricks. They just never seem to work.

USA is the real source of fascism. As I mentioned elsewhere, today I met with an old colleague who lives in USA. He repeats any/all political propaganda he sees on TV. Somewhere in-between his going on and on about how Biden’s administration is comprised of a bunch of homosexuals, he mentions at one point that the Russian government is full of Nazis. Then the next thing he starts talking about right after that is that Russian civilization is coming to an end because not enough superimperialist capitalist slavery and as a result are being colonised by “authoritarians” in Russia and China.

Really it was an intriguing though horrifying confusion of ideas, courtesy of Westerners.

Oh he is so concerned… :(

OH WAIT https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/14/europe/uk-rwanda-migrant-deal-gbr-intl/index.html

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the scheme an “innovative approach, driven by our shared humanitarian impulse and made possible by Brexit freedoms,” on Thursday,

Is there a thing called humanitarian slavery? Seems like it for these whites…


Breaking up USA seems like a good idea… never mind it is already on its way to becoming DSA. Let them daydream all kinds of nonsense.

I got your witty answer, but most people are not going to be so witty. You have to consider the range of how perceptive people are towards witty phrasings to resonate with their sense of humour.

Convenience and taste? Oranges.

Purely taste? Mango. I do not care about getting messy hands, I love it.

[WRITEUP] Criticism of r/PrivacyGuides, GrapheneOS, r/privacy communities, moderators and key members with 4 years of documented evidence
Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20220501212233/https://old.reddit.com/r/privatelife/comments/ug9qnc/writeup_criticism_of_rprivacyguides_grapheneos/ **I wanted to publish this a week ago, but my machine was begging for repairs and it gave up, so it stayed dead for a week. So, here we are.** Hello! The dust has settled. There is something I want to talk to all of you once again, something that I wrote approximately 23 months ago about, and has been stickied on this subreddit ever since. No, it is not the smartphone guide, and it is a lore that I do not think anybody except me has ever attempted to shed a light on, except until a month ago when BurungHantu, founder of PrivacyTools.io, did. As always, my aim is to stay objective throughout, and drop my opinions separately in a section at the very end. I also want to mention that this is a lore that basically nobody other than me has tracked in this depth, and nobody else carries a record of these events in this manner to date or ever can. **REMINDER: NONE OF THIS WILL MAKE SENSE IF YOU KEEP ON READING WHILE NOT READING LINKED ARTICLES/SCREENSHOTS I MENTION AS I GO ON.** # A BRIEF OVERVIEW A lot of people seemed to appreciate BurungHantu's blog post, and openly saw the censorship attempted across subreddits r/privacy, r/opensource and r/PrivacyGuides. This last one is the new "privacy" cool hangout cafe of the mainstream privacy subreddit circle. # THE PLAYERS IN THE GAME Before we move ahead, it is a good thing to make transparent the characters involved, so that we know who plays what role. A lot do not like this, apparently, because they want to fake objectivity. TheAnonymouseJoker (shameless plug): the "arbiter of truth" <insert Micay comment link>, ["false privacy prophet"](https://archive.is/Lm86i), wumao, 50cent, Chinese plant (https://i.imgur.com/vOyaidS.png), Putin bot these days... I am an independent privacy/freedom writer in the community with no donation/money channels and no links to YouTubers (Techlore, The Hated One, other privacytubers) and privacy communities in any form or way whatsoever. I am also a long term active user and promoter of the Fediverse platform Lemmy. trai_dep: A power moderator on Reddit. Moderator of r/privacy, r/PrivacyGuides, r/privacytoolsio (now defunct). I have spoken about him extensively in my 2 year old criticism writeup. One of the 2 characters in BurungHantu/PTIO's recent blog post. Jonah Aragon: A power moderator on Reddit. Moderator of r/PrivacyGuides and r/techlore, and Techlore Matrix room. The other person and focal point of BurungHantu/PTIO's blog post with many revelations. carrotcypher: Another power moderator of Reddit. Moderator of r/privacy, r/opensource and dozens of micro digital privacy/censorship subreddits. Daniel Micay: Developer of GrapheneOS, a security focused AOSP-based custom ROM exclusively for Google Pixels. Known to submit hardened malloc() patches for Linux kernel. A very controversial figure in privacy and FOSS/Linux communities. Uses @strcat and u/GrapheneOS handles across various platforms. madaidan: Admin of GrapheneOS, NoGoolag, SpiteChat communities/chatrooms across various platforms. The "insecurities" blog chap, notorious for a lot of misinformation in FOSS and Linux communities but opposite in a big chunk of mainstream privacy community. A staple of the "redditor hackerman" starterpack, for people who know nothing better. anupritaisno1/clannad/Coooom Yuki Nagato/randomhydrosol: same user, multiple names over time. They are one of the GrapheneOS members who use a lot of sockpuppets and frequently change pseudonym username. madaidan's friend. Note: clannad is seen changing username across Telegram and Reddit over time: https://i.imgur.com/V7McLFO.jpg cn3m: a friend of madaidan, who regularly spreads pro-Apple propaganda in privacy communities. For the most part, the account serves as a sockpuppet of someone since it has stayed inactive since 10 months. Lunacy: one of the newer GrapheneOS community parrots out there on Lemmy (now defunct). Comment activity was suspiciously similar to that of madaidan. An active member of GrapheneOS community. akc3n: moderator of GrapheneOS community, and active on PrivacyGuides and GrapheneOS subreddits, as well as on XMPP hunting users. Note: * He is one of the GrapheneOS Matrix room moderators. This will be important information later on. Proof: https://i.imgur.com/Uq4Xfxk.jpg * Notorious for practicing censorship beyond the Matrix room to practice censorship and/or suppress any GrapheneOS dissent, on Lemmy (https://i.imgur.com/4HtArcj.jpg) and XMPP (https://i.imgur.com/Hi089y6.jpg). Tommy_Tran/B0risGrishenko: New moderator of r/PrivacyGuides with suspiciously proven close links to GrapheneOS community. Did a hitpiece on me to gain recognition with PrivacyGuides team. Uses sockpuppets and identity obfuscation a lot on internet. # THE STORY. ONCE UPON A TIME... # GRSECURITY/SPENGLER SAGA Let me dial back the time machine to a few years ago, when madaidan's "insecurities" blog came into existence. It brought in a fair amount of fandom to him for some bizarre reason, which nobody has been able to pin down realistically. I can pinpoint it down to one big reason - anti-Linux faction of FOSS community, a large part of which is Brad Spengler, head of grsecurity, a security team that makes Linux kernel patches but gets rejected due to very arrogant behaviour, and even got reprimanded by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux kernel in a mailing list. Some related threads on grsecurity: https://web.archive.org/web/20220401163814/https://www.theregister.com/2017/06/26/linus_torvalds_slams_pure_garbage_from_clowns_at_grsecurity/ https://web.archive.org/web/20220416203735/https://old.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/pupumh/brad_spengler_grsecurity_brags_about_hoarding/ https://archive.is/f5djI https://web.archive.org/web/20220416203035/https://nitter.42l.fr/spendergrsec/status/1486366129438212098 madaidan's certain amount of influence comes from the kind of Reddit and internet community that revolves around a particular group, a faction that I see as very anti-Linux and anti-FOSS for the most part, not because criticism is bad, but grift in the name of criticism is bad. I will expand upon this more in a moment. I am sure, most are wondering what does madaidan have to do with this. Apparently, there have been way too many instances where, upon criticisms in discussions, GrapheneOS community proponents often cite a bunch of URLs, among which grsecurity is one of them. And this is not a one off instance, so I will link a couple screenshot threads from Lemmy from 6 months ago, which is an exchange between u/Lunacy and me. I will cite this in a later part of article as well. < Lunacy Lemmy thread pic> https://i.imgur.com/dgWcn2J.jpg https://i.imgur.com/fRXHRoR.jpg # ENTER THE DANIEL MICAY He is a very underrated but important part of this whole story. I assume many people have an idea of CopperheadOS company splitting between Micay and James Donaldson (u/darknetj on Reddit) due to a lot of controversies and tussle I have nothing to do with, and therefore I will avoid commenting on. After this tussle, GrapheneOS project was born, essentially a fork of CopperheadOS in layman terms, which was also developed heavily by Micay. GrapheneOS is largely an AOSP fork of a fork with some security patchwork on top of it. Here I would like to mention a little anecdote from 2 years ago, something Micay always avoids acknowledging for some funny reason. This screenshot is from my reddit inbox, where I was messaged by CopperheadOS CEO regarding something. ### COPPERHEADOS CEO MODMAIL https://i.imgur.com/hujn4P1.jpg I will let the readers interpret this on their own. ### DANIEL MICAY AND MADAIDAN'S POWER OF FRIENDSHIP Moving on, there is a thread and mailing list I want to mention, which will help connect the dots as to how Micay and madaidan are not just related, but intertwined into each other, like a grandma's woven sweater. Most have no clue about this, so I will share the mailing list URL and screenshot here. In the below reddit thread/screenshot, Daniel Micay and madaidan argue together against Firefox. Before the Tor Project mailing list happened in August 2019, the whole anti-Firefox sentiment mysteriously used to not exist in GrapheneOS community. https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2019-August/013995.html https://www.unddit.com/r/firefox/comments/gokcis/firefox_is_insecure_refuted/ Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/8nkO5Ll.jpg # A SERIES OF COLLECTED THREADS OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS... I will now share a Lemmy masterlist I made, perhaps a collection of various conversations by madaidan and his friend cn3m. Here is the URL: https://lemmy.ml/post/73800/comment/66676 I will relink the Lunacy Lemmy exchange screenshot once again, since Lunacy's comments are important for context. https://i.imgur.com/fRXHRoR.jpg I have never explained anything about the comment threads in my masterlist before, so this should help. https://i.imgur.com/UHhQRIU.jpg I think this is self explanatory and shows madaidan's argumentation that is otherwise deleted by him. https://i.imgur.com/FiYhbkk.jpg: madaidan being very 4chan-y in terms of blaming the computer language for problems in particular software code (in this case Linux kernel), while dismissing everything when it comes to Windows. His blog page about Linux is a massive piece of "toilet paper" repeatedly debunked at this point. If you think the phrase "toilet paper" is mine, come, have a look. https://web.archive.org/web/20210929053611/https://old.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/pwi1l9/thoughts_about_an_article_talking_about_the/ https://web.archive.org/web/20220111035527/https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25590079 https://archive.is/zxS72 (1/3)

**Too many people need to watch this in 2022.**

Relevant reading: https://github.com/zlw9991/node-ipc-dependencies-list https://web.archive.org/web/20220318095406/https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/peacenotwar/issues/45 https://security.snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JS-NODEIPC-2426370

Relevant reading: https://github.com/zlw9991/node-ipc-dependencies-list https://web.archive.org/web/20220318095406/https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/peacenotwar/issues/45 https://security.snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JS-NODEIPC-2426370

The amount of Russophobia and anti Russian censorship ongoing currently on Reddit is astounding.
I am observing a very similar sentiment to Sinophobia, now regarding Russia. Reddit's audience is primarily 80% USA + West EU, and the rest 20% also includes a lot of East Europe and other countries, leaving for 5-10% anti-hatred people. On the other hand, Western world makes up for a mere 12% of the world's population. This speaks volumes about how majoritarianism is flipped on the internet by Western world to suit their narratives and loudmouth whatever they want dominating in virtual space. And since moderators are also from said Western countries, the biases are completely intentional and systematic. For all the "human rights" and "no censorship" nonsense these Western countries spout with the assumption of having high horse on moral grounds, they lie a lot systematically. Just an observation.

What are easy to present criticisms of mainstream outlets like BBC and CNN?
While it is easy to use phrases like "use critical thinking", this is not easy for elders or cousins in families to be told, as this is not lucid to understand in a snap. It is essential for criticism to be easily communicable to ordinary people that watch Google Feed or MSN News daily, and I feel that such criticism is not even easy to access or read, considering ordinary people have been cornered from MSM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and rest of Big Tech and Western media apparatus. If you love your BBC and CNN feeds, avoid this post, this is not for you.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/177032 > Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs. > > Source: https://social.coop/@jonny/107685726645817029 -- Also includes tips for removing this data.