Welcome to Week 10 of our Book (Album) Club! This weeks album is Blac Sabbath by Blacastan.

Please give the album a fresh listen and give us your thoughts, opinions and possibly hot takes.

Doesn’t matter if this is your 100th time listening to the album or you listen to the album the first time right before posting!

Note: I think this is the least well-known album we’ve done for this. Blacastan is probably better known as a member of AOTP and Demigodz. I have a few more lesser-known albums coming up, not counting Ready To Die. If y’all like doing this with these less known albums I’ll make sure to do more.

November 28th: Ready to Die by The Notorious B.I.G.

December 5th: Sincerely, Detroit by Apollo Brown

December 12th: Unstoppable by The Reminders

  • @BearigatorOPM
    3 months ago

    Favorite track for me is 3010. The first beat, the second beat it switches to, the fucking hard-ass guitar riffs at the end, all perfect. Esoteric? Always immaculate. I specifically remember writing the lyrics to this in a notebook because I couldn’t find them online. The Life of a Tape is second, I love a good concept track.

    What about everybody else, favorite track?

  • @BearigatorOPM
    13 months ago

    I’ve mentioned here before that I got really in to underground stuff when I was in high school. I still loved a lot of it well past High School. I currently still love it. Blacastan became a favorite of mine in ~2015 when I first heard this album, prior to that I’d never really listened to his solo stuff.

    Anybody looking to get in to more of his stuff, of course his work with Demigodz and Army of the Pharaohs is legendary. That said, I’ve always been partial to the first Watson & Holmes album he did with Stu Bangas.