Welcome to the first [WORLDWIDE] Wednesday! A day specifically to share music from all over the world! We are primarily an English speaking community but Hip Hop is [WORLDWIDE] and I want to have a day to encourage our members who don’t speak English as a first language to share some stuff we might not have heard.

Only rule is don’t tag stuff as [WORLDWIDE] if it is from the USA, or English speaking Canada. I don’t hate Drake but I don’t want to see him today. That is the stuff we see all the time and that dominates the US charts. Otherwise, I don’t care what language it is or where it is from. This includes English, if you have some sick Australian rap or something, share it, English or not! Non-[WORLDWIDE] posts are still welcome on Wednesdays of course, I just want to have the stuff sticking to the theme tagged.

For our overseas posters, [WORLDWIDE] Wednesday starts wherever it is Wednesday. Don’t worry about if it is Wednesday in the US or not. If it is Wednesday in your timezone then we are [WORLDWIDE].

EDIT (12/6/2023): [WORLDWIDE] Wednesday will now be just the first Wednesday of every month. Non-English Hip Hop is still always welcome of course, but we are only going to go with the tag just the one day a month.