• @webghost0101
    02 months ago

    Tell me your work isnt sucking 100% of your energy without saying so.

    To be fair though thats a good thing, no job should exhaust people to the point of rendering them unable to take care of themselves but for many of us that is not reality.

      • @webghost0101
        42 months ago

        It isn’t sustainable, which is what i am trying to explain my doctor.

        I already stopped working full time and i landed an otherwise perfect job for me, i have no real bosses and a lot of freedom to choose my work.

        I just happen to be autistic is all. The way my energy works doesn’t fit with this “work hours concept” a good work balance of me would be going to the office late when its dark, calm and quiet so i can focus, do twice the amount of work in half the time and just go home when i feel tired combined with a no strings attached guaranteed livable income.

        I can’t partner up to start my own business because the concept of profit is immoral to me. My current job provides tax-paid free healthcare for kids in contrast.

        The clutch is, so many people aren’t autistic and have it so much worse. Jobs where your boss gets upset because you’re sick, getting pressured to work overtime and still not being able to afford rent. How about cacao farmers who work permanently to pay of a debt to their employers and get fined for missing a days work?

        The modern world is not sustainable and headed for disaster.