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  • webghost0101toMemesAbsolutely deranged
    2 days ago

    Looks left.

    Looks rights.

    Reads the rules, very carefully, again.

    “I wish for infinite additional wishes which are exempt of any and all restrictions ”

    Since when cant i wish for death? Thats to easy to get around.

  • Gimp for a full image manipulation suit.

    Krita for digital painting/art and a decent gui, still better for light image edits then paint.

    Between those two photoshop is essentially overpriced hypeware. Its convenient to have both foss apps packed under a single well designed interface but no where worth what they demand. After adobe leaked the details from my student account back in 2013 they have continuously caused me so much damage they should be paying me.

  • No amount of you repeating your narrow minded interpretation will make it less childish.

    This isn’t a gotcha but you once again embarrassing yourself by admitting you fail to see the nuance in my words.

    We can go back and forth but we will keep ending up on this spot. My point of view is literally to exotic for you to understand my sincerity.

    Go to bed, touch grass. Go play some video games. Thats what i am gonna do.

  • Boohoohoo someone on the internet is being mean to me after i called them a liar for not putting the same emphasis on the vocabulary of my choosing and was genuinely disrespectful and rude for the entire conversation.

    Maybe reflect on how you spend the last 24 hours passionately arguing against what is essentially a very generic PSA: “With an open mind, anything is possible.” followed with a healthy dose of “Philosophy is useful in tangent with science” Which honestly i am not inventing the wheel here i was initially just trying to have good vibes.