• @deegeese
    886 months ago

    This is a tempest in a teapot.

    Steam ended pricing in those currencies and reverted the prices to USD without local adjustment.

    Any developers who want to sell in Turkey or Argentina will set a local price in USD.

    This really only affects older/abandoned games where the developer never updates pricing. Those games will be left charging US prices in poorer countries.

    • BananaTrifleViolin
      186 months ago

      Yeah it’s a nonsense. Argentina and Turkey have atrocious economies, with inflation at crazy levels. Turkey’s is at 60% and Argentinas is at 143% currently, on a background of years of terrible economic decisions. Their local currencies are effectively trash so it makes absolute sense for Steam to move to dollars if they’re going to continue bothering trading in those countries.

    • ghost_laptop
      16 months ago

      I’m from Argentina, the prices we have now are absolutely ridiculous even with the LATAM USD, an Argentinian might have a monthly income of something around 250-350USD, and some games are something along the lines of 40USD even with the regional pricing, you need to add to that the fact that there is a tax on the dollar of 155%. I assume a normal person from the US earns something along the lines of 1500-3000USD a month, so it’s completely incomparable. To give you an idea, physical retro collectible games are cheaper than virtual ones.