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New community: Frutiger Aero
[!]( A community dedicated to the glossy, glassy aesthetic of the 2000s, Frutiger Aero


and nothing of value was lost

couldn't find an image of the post sorry

here’s the problem: Twitter is still relevant, and still a big part of today’s society. we should still pay attention to it. sadly, something is no less important because it’s run by an irrational billionaire; arguably, it’s even more important because of that. we should pay attention

it provides a bit of a different interface which some people might prefer. it’s very Twitter migrant-friendly since it’s made by the same developers as the popular Tweetbot

new community: Uxn
[!](/c/ is a community for the Uxn ecosystem

i mean, the article is about how we in the US focus exclusively on helmets as a silver bullet for bike safety. they’re not as effective as people in the US make them out to be, even though they are effective in some situations.

Would I be supposed to leave it hanging from my bike, exposed to the rain and theft? Or carry it with me into the shops and bars and keep an eye on it?

don’t worry, nobody in the US has solved that problem either. some people leave it on their handlebars, others put it in their backfit, others stow it away in a bag and carry it with them.

spoiler alert: drivers. it's all drivers' fault

oh, come on. do they have to drag “web3” into everything?

That most of the time it’s a karma-grubbing rat race. Posts cater to the lowest common denominator, stir the pot, or both. This is of course made worse by the fact that some subreddits can block people without a certain amount of karma joining, and the algorithm does not give newer posts a fair chance at being seen.
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go with Akkoma instead. there are more features and it’s actively maintained, in contrast to Pleroma where development is effectively stalled.

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i got transported to Sky: Children of the Light. looks like i’m in paradise now :P

what i currently do is use Pika Backup to create an encrypted backup of my home directory at 8 am local time every day. it excludes my cache, trash, and downloads. the backup is stored on-site on a family member’s Raspberry Pi, but what i would like to do is make an arrangement to back up off-site as well. my mountpoint for my directory on the Raspberry Pi is /backups, and i use that directory only for storing backups. i currently do not make system snapshots, so anything outside my home directory is not backed up. i don’t worry about space since everything is compressed and each incremental backup is a few megabytes at most

he admitted he moved to Romania because it’s easier to get away with sexual assault there. that tells you all you need to know

total equality. children deserve the same rights as adults. parents should guide, not exercise dictatorial control. a parent that doesn’t respect the rights and autonomy of their child does not deserve to be a parent.

@salaruatoMemes@lemmy.mlNATO expansion
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the internet, by its very nature, can never truly be regulated. the deep web is huge and out of the reach of the powers that be, and it’s not prohibitively difficult to keep yourself hidden. information is slippery, for better or for worse, and if people think something is worthwhile they will make sure it escapes regulation or censorship. but if you’re talking about the big companies, they can absolutely be regulated, you just have to strongarm them into complying

also, i have never heard of NRSK, can you elaborate?

yeah, i saw that there were a wave of trolls coming from Beehaw, but they seem to have managed the problem. as for the domain i mentioned, i’ve seen a ton of trolling come from there for as long as i can remember, but i’ll concede that maybe i’m not remembering correctly. i fully support defederation with, but that’s beside the point

no, i just keep seeing trolls pop up which all seem to come from that particular domain

does f*psi.** have any worthwhile content/users or are they all trolls?
nazi/scat trolls all seem to come from a certain domain, and i've never seen any actual content from it. so why are we still federated with it?

won’t work. strikes with a definite end date are never effective, since companies can just plan around it. if we’re going to strike effectively, we need to stick it out for months and plan to continue it for years.

ah, i see. specifically, i see that the only religion they use to back up their claims that religion is bad is Christianity. no mention of Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. anywhere. so uh let’s see here…that’s a Texas sharpshooter fallacy (some people who are bad are Christians, therefore Christianity is bad) combined with an induction fallacy (Christianity is bad, therefore all religions are bad)? so much for the logic they claim to live by

i’ve been called a debate bro before for asking for sources to back up claims of fact. is that a common debate bro tactic?

explain like i’m 5: what is Reddit atheism?
i may be very naïve, but i genuinely have no idea what Reddit atheism is and how it differs from atheism in general

Fedora claims GIMP is sandboxed. If you click “High” next to “Permissions”, you see a little exclamation mark saying it has “File system” permissions.

it’s a Fedora problem, not a Flatpak problem (this is GNOME Software on Pop OS 22.04)

seriously though, i found the essay…wanting. it was far too focused on the problems, which is of course fine if you don’t have solutions to them, but the author does have solutions (presented at the very end). the tone is excessively pessimistic, which would turn a lot of readers off from reading these legitimate grievances

since y’all can’t read, here’s the whole offenses list:

  • Imminent harm - Self-harm or suicide.
    • Someone is threatening to harm themselves in real life or talking about harming themselves in real life.
  • Child sexual exploitation or abuse.
    • Someone is talking about or otherwise promoting indecent behavior involving children.
  • Terrorism or violent extremism.
    • Someone is talking about, promoting, or threatening with acts of terrorism or violent extremism for political, religious, ideological, or other reasons.
  • Hate speech.
    • Someone is attacking you or another player based on characteristics of their identity, like religion, race, or sexuality.
  • Imminent harm - Threat to harm others.
    • Someone is threatening to harm you or someone else in real life.
  • Non-consensual intimate imagery.
    • Someone is talking about, sharing, or otherwise promoting private and intimate images.
  • Harassment or bullying.
    • Someone is shaming, attacking, or bullying you or someone else. This includes when someone is repeatedly trying to contact you or someone else without consent or posting private personal information about you or someone else without consent (“doxing”).
  • Defamation, impersonation, false information.
    • Someone is damaging someone else’s reputation, pretending to be someone they’re not, or sharing false information with the aim to exploit or mislead others.
  • Drugs or alcohol.
    • Someone is encouraging others to partake in illegal drug related activities or encouraging underage drinking.

see? nothing about profanity, and the drugs category isn’t nearly as widely applicable as sexy_peach makes it out to be. plus, you’re not banned from the game proper, you’re only banned from online play. you can still play your singleplayer worlds. and i know microsoft bad yadda yadda yadda but some people deserve to have their online privileges revoked. and the only people that are objecting to all this (that have read the announcement) are nazis and edgelords, precisely the kind of people that shouldn’t be playing online in the first place.

they almost got into a lot of hot water because they didn’t give credit to Mastodon for the code

i wouldn’t trust The Sun further than i can throw it. its accuracy is on par with The Daily Mail

it federates indiscriminately, including with the far-right wolfballs and the Marxist-Leninist lemmygrad

how much to plant for a year’s supply of fruit

i wouldn’t recommend anything from, it’s a freezepeach instance

i only have two people blocked, at least one of which has been stirring shit in this thread. i should use the block button more, it seems like 99% of the toxicity on Lemmy comes from 1% of the people

it does. it’s simple, fairer than Reddit’s, and fully documented too:

ah, that’s good. one thing i can see it doing is affecting the post on other instances with downvotes on

since i’m from another instance with a downvote button, how would my (potential) downvotes affect anything? would my downvoting work as intended or be ignored by the algorithm?

Design around human connectedness, community building, community collaboration, accessability (even for technically illiterate), detoxing.

excuse my ignorance, but how is Lemmy not doing this already?

i agree that linguistic imperialism is a major issue, but we can’t solve it by swapping one imperial language out for another. instead of making everyone learn an auxiliary language, we should devote time and resources to reviving endangered languages and promoting awareness of indigenous languages. the English hegemony is a symptom of the linguistic imperialism problem, not the cause of it.

not gonna lie i really like the sandwich building

i turned off autocorrect because i type in a language unsupported by my keyboard. its insistent correcting to English pissed me off enough to make me turn it off. if i ever mistype something, the suggestion bar is still there

Is anyone else getting “Websocket disconnected” errors?
I keep getting notifications saying "Websocket disconnected" "Websocket reconnected" every few seconds, and everything will refuse to load as well. It's making Lemmy near-unusable for me (it's a miracle I was able to post this). This didn't happen before the update to 0.11.3 as far as I know. Does anyone else have this problem?

James Primate - Unseen Lands
I started my first playthrough of Rain World yesterday; this song is still in my head.

small suggestion for the community
i think vaporwave 美学 would be a better display name for the community. more aesthetic.

Laiqbun Matrix room
~~I forgot to put it in the sidebar when I made this community, but we *do* have a Matrix room for those who prefer it. It's end-to-end encrypted, so make sure to use an encryption-capable client, and it's not bridged to the Laiqbun Discord server.~~ We moved due to technical difficulties, the link is now updated.

this browser game has a tool to memorize toki pona words, tools to learn sitelen pona, and a dictionary.

i made a community for Laiqbun, an artistic constructed language.

a fantastic vr art gallery showcasing both historical and more recent examples of the y2k aesthetic. one thing: the ramps are a bit tricky; the trick is to stay to the left as you're going up.

is federation not working for anyone else? (solved)
~~some communities don't seem to federate. when i go to them, i see their details in the sidebar, but the user count is always 0 and no posts are shown.~~