Official Laiqbun Matrix Space
We have made a space for the Laiqbun community, with a room for the language itself, a room for off-topic conversation and a room for discussion about the fictional culture.

It tries to explain most of Laiqbun basic grammar quickly, and I think it's best used when people can explain you what things are supposed to mean (which are what the discord server and matrix room are there for). I'm pretty proud of it.

I tried out the Searx search engine and searched for laiqbun and found this. I have no idea who made it nor how does it work, but it's pretty cool

Announcing Raiaqsuq, the new writing system and font for Laiqbun
During the last week, a Mysterious Benefactor paid [someone]( to make an official font for Laiqbun. Making a font for the original Laiqbun script (Raiaqbun) was near-impossible, due to the huge amount of glyphs. So what he did is creating a new writing system that he could actually make a font for. I have called it Raiaqsuq, from the roots reiaq (x~1~ is a writing) and seq (x~1~ is new). ![]( The script is typed slightly different than the romanization and is very different from Raiaqbun, but it still keeps the vibe that Laiqbun is going for. Eschar really did a good job while making this font. I hope people have as much fun using it as I have.

I've always loved this kinda images, so I'll prolly do some with more complex sentences. That'd be fun

Man these are fun to make

The Tower of Babel in Laiqbun [tamchuai se Babe shy]
## tamchuai se Babe shy 1. pe ceum peu zhan nyoq laiq heq ry tao sem dy 2. gyn ceim zhan laim ppeiq lon kka laim se Shina shy gyvu ry cheq team hauru qau hy seai ppii hauru rauaq dy 3. teq vouaq hauru › «kyn ppei by! pei sharu taiq ry seua zhoia sharu hau by! lyq» dy › gyn keen hauru taiq hy reium kien hauru kauen › gyn keen hauru batun hy reium kien hauru mautua dy 4. gyn teq hauru «kyn ppei by! tei hauru tamluam ry tamchuai lon saufua peukku haem by! gyn pei hauru tao peuhuru hy zefue kkiuaq hauru shaie by!» 5. gyn ppea Zapui faoi hy seun liuiq hau tamluam ry tamcuai › toi kka caqmuan kko zhan gy kka dy 6. gyn teq Zapui «kyn leuiq by › heq zhenru hauru gyn peu hauru laiq heq › gyn veo na ryq kaam roq kka my pai kko hauru! gyn qe neq deu hauru zhao sya shoo deu hauru kka dy! 7. deu sha ky gyn nea laiq peuhuru hy seun qi neq leen vouaq hauru ky! lyq» 8. gyn tenmu Zapui kkiuaq hauru shaie › gyn keindu tei hauru taimluam dy 9. gyn haou zhy teo qau sa Babe shy › hy ten tinmu Zapui nia laiq hy lin shaie gy ry kkiuaq hau shaie dy


Laiqbun Matrix room
~~I forgot to put it in the sidebar when I made this community, but we *do* have a Matrix room for those who prefer it. It's end-to-end encrypted, so make sure to use an encryption-capable client, and it's not bridged to the Laiqbun Discord server.~~ We moved due to technical difficulties, the link is now updated.

Reposting here the blog post about stacked prepositions For all your prepositional needs

Some Māori Waiata in Te Reo, Laiqbun, and English
1: Te Aroha / kaoqsui / Love ------------------------------------------------------ Te Aroha Te Whakapono Me te rangimarie Tatou tatou e kaoiqsui ryq shaobun faasui dy shehue na byiq zhan byiq Love Hope Peace These are for all of us 2: Whakataka te Hau / zhenbui ta haain / Prepare for the Wind ------------------------------------------------------ Whakataka te hau ki te uru, Whakataka te hau ki te tonga Kia mākinakina ki uta, Kia mātaratara ki tai E hī ake ana te atākura He tio, he huka, he hauhu Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e! zhenbui ta haain heuaq by zhenbui ta haain seuq by ceum zheailun voai hy leimqui ceum zheilun noia hy leimppui ceum geoq cheai sham kkeualueq baiq ry > shay ry > baishuy kkeio by! > zhenru by! > keq by! Prepare for the westerly wind Prepare for the southerly wind Making it ambiently cold inland Making it colder on the shore Then the red sun will rise above The ice and snow and frost Be close! Be together! Be intertwined!


A community dedicated to Laiqbun, an artistic constructed language based on predicate logic, and the worldbuilding surrounding it. It is not a loglang.


  1. Be respectful, considerate, and do not support any kind of bigotry. This implies, among other things, that transmisia, homomisia, ableism, pluralmisia, triggered “”““jokes””“”, slurs and the like are not allowed.

  2. Keep the safety of the community. Do not threaten any person or group of people and stay away from heated debates and agressivity.

  3. Don’t post explicit NSFW content of any kind, regardless of its relation to the language or the worldbuilding surrounding it. Discussions of certain topics are fine, as long as they are not explicit.


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