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I can’t upvote the comments enough! heh

That’s an interesting premise, that somehow a currency is going to change the nature of how “the internet” is funded. So, none of the world’s currencies have done this, but a “currency” that isn’t really a currency is going to change around the entire economics of everything online?

There’s so many fun presumptions in that notion that it’s hard to even start a discussion.

The short answer is no. I think there’s more than enough evidence out there that cryptocurrencies will remain niche, and this ridiculous ‘web3’ notion of every interaction being a transaction will simply just not occur, much as any bros try and wish and argue for it.

You vote with your dollars, and if you care what Apple is doing, you tell them.

Buy a non-Apple system, write to Apple, and let them know why you’re not longer purchasing Apple equipment.

It’s really simple, if you want companies to change, you stop giving them money (and you tell them why if you’re no longer doing so). Giving them money tells them they’re doing everything just right.

lol! I had a good chuckle from this.

Sure, but one of those numbers I can easily reach & distribute. However, you’re right, I don’t mean to suggest to harass the poor people answering the phone. If you ever spoke to a manager or owner, yes, absolutely. But, to a customer service/dispatcher or such person, a polite complaint that you’d like to be passed up to management might help.

But if we can find the higher-ups numbers, we could have at 'er. ;-)

I would like to see a lot of jail time and non-stop fines as well. I think, correct me if I’m wrong, that GoFundMe is not going to stand by their nonsense now, so hit them hard in the pocketbook to help alleviate the financial strain on the area for having to deal with their nonsense. (Which I doubt they can ever pay back)

I would like to see laws put in place to make it illegal to operate commercial vehicles for personal purposes of any sort. Again, fines, commercial licenses revoked, the business involved having their business licenses revoked, etc. Either act like a business, or a petulant baby, but you can’t use one for the other.

Tax the living shit out of their fuel for non-commercial purposes, if you can’t do anything else. How does $40/l sound for this special use of your diesel-burner? I have no idea how to implement this, and it may be impossible. How about mega taxes per km driven for non-commercial purposes then?

Like, at which point do we start taking the environmental aspect of their horseshit seriously? Our world is burning, and these extremists want to burn copious amounts of diesel to go have their shitfit in Ottawa? Not acceptable, period.

If this were an environmental protest, or a protest over land rights, or many other items, would this have gone on longer than a day?

I want to see the military dragging these trucks out of town - maybe with the trucks flopped over sideways like a heap of trash.

Agreed with both of you.

Anyone feel like calling up Ottawa tow truck companies to berate them for being such weak pieces of shit?

(Edit: This isn’t the only issue to deal with, of course, it’s just the latest bit of completely pathetic pus to come out of the mess in Ottawa)

Yeah, CBC’s doing something weird and I never really had time to look in to it in depth. I suspected that they change behaviour/response based on user agent, and I don’t know if they just filter or drop things they figure are real outliers/unknowns/bots or something.

To clarify that comment - I handed lemmy.ca over to @smorks@lemmy.ca as I no longer have the time to run, maintain, and moderate it. The cost for me was negligible at this point - I had it sitting on a dedicated server that ran several other things.

Not sure why I didn’t see this… are you interested in taking it on?

My setup is from scratch. Most of my moderation is spam removal: https://lemmy.ca/modlog

It’s just a vhost on a dedicated server that I have for a bunch of things. Requires rust and postgresql - and I’m not sure how light of a server would handle it. The lemmy processes are taking up over 5GB RAM, but that’s mostly due to pict-rs, and I’m not sure if it’s just being lazy with cleaning itself up or not. (if I restart pict-rs it’s very light)

The DB size is about 566MB presently.

Anything other particulars you wanted to know about presently?

Ah, very nice! Do you have the ability to take the DB and host the service somewhere?

Anyone want to take over lemmy.ca?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/49203 > Hi all, > > I'm going to be taking on a rather large change of life in the very near future, and I'm having to dump a bunch of responsibilities and hobby-type things. > > This lemmy instance falls in to that category. I would love to see someone with the technical know-how volunteer to pick up the domain, this database, and host this somewhere, keeping continuity going. > > Anyone interested? > > Thanks!

Anyone want to take over lemmy.ca?
Hi all, I'm going to be taking on a rather large change of life in the very near future, and I'm having to dump a bunch of responsibilities and hobby-type things. This lemmy instance falls in to that category. I would love to see someone with the technical know-how volunteer to pick up the domain, this database, and host this somewhere, keeping continuity going. Anyone interested? Thanks!

Gentoo is one of my go-to’s that I come back to time and time again.

I don’t mind spending my time with Gentoo as one can have very stable systems with it (as per your choosing), and if one uses a half decent machine to do all the building, it can supply more lowly machines with a current repository of binary builds.

Yes, it has it’s headaches from time to time (similar to the mention above about Arch and what happens if you don’t update for some time), but nothing insurmountable.

I was never thrilled with Opensuse. I found regardless which flavour I was on, I had to enable so many extra repositories that it eventually turned in to a mess each time.

Unfortunately, the-federation.info is broken and nobody’s really interested in fixing it. Trying to get lemmy.ca registered has been futile - you can try it yourself: https://the-federation.info/register/lemmy.ca but I get 500 server errors as a result.

The users # is the total number of users that have registered, yes. There’s also the raw information on active users at https://lemmy.ca/nodeinfo/2.0.json

I think fediverse.observer is going to be a good replacement for the-federation.info - have a look at https://lemmy.fediverse.observer for instance.

Well that’s good news - still can’t from Pleroma, but we’re digging in to that. Thanks for letting me know!

lemmy.ca updated to Lemmy 0.14.5
Hi all, I've updated Lemmy to the current 0.14.5 release today - please let me know if you see any issues. We're aware of federation issues to Pleroma & Mastodon and there's a couple of Lemmy bugs that have been reported regarding the issues. Thanks!

I’ve been poking around with it a bit and haven’t been successful with it. I’ve just filed issue #1984 and it appears #1983 was filed yesterday regarding issues subscribing from Mastodon.

Early days…

Heh, possibly!

I think there’s a bit of clumsiness with it at the moment (it would be great if there was a visual indicator that it was still working on grabbing the details on the backend, or whatever), could be worthwhile checking to see if there’s an issue filed for improving that.

Lemmy.ca updated to 0.14.1
Hi all, Since Lemmy's 0.14.0 release a day or so ago, federation has been broken to other systems that had immediately upgraded (including lemmy.ml). Now that we've upgraded, we should be on a path, according to their release notes, where we won't see this breakage again any time soon. Here's hoping! Enjoy the new release.

Howdy, a test.
Testing, had a report of not being able to post.

lemmy.ca updated to 0.13.5
Hopefully this resolves the federation issues and keeps things flowing.

Some issues with federation still - please bear with us
Hey all, If you've noticed that federated communities have stopped coming through to lemmy.ca, it's apparently due to known federation bugs that the Lemmy team is working on resolving for their 0.14 release. However, after working through some logs today and posting to the Lemmy matrix chat, it sounds like they're going to push a 0.13.4 fix release (we're currently on 0.13.3) right away. Stay tuned!

Just a quick test
Things went kind of silent around here for 2 days now, so am testing to ensure posting hasn't broken.

Updated to 0.13.1 to resolve federation issue
As mentioned in https://lemmy.ca/post/14086 there were some federation issues noticed recently. There was a fairly significant bug resolved in 0.13.0 so we've updated to that to ensure as good a service as possible. Enjoy!

Updated the site to the latest Lemmy release - 0.13.0
Howdy all, As per https://lemmy.ml/post/83611 - there's now comment and post reporting enabled. As an admin, I get to figure out where the reports go, but I presume for now it's just to an admin. Enjoy!

Some site interruptions since updating to 0.12.2
Hi all, The lemmy server process has been locking up at various points recently, sometimes to the point of no longer being able to service requests. I don't know that it has anything to do with the latest version as the timing could just be coincidental, but, I have found some evidence that it's been too limited with it's file handles, so I've opened them up further. Hopefully any apparent site outages stop at this point.

Imagine if these asshats got an overdone steak. I hope these sorts of people are put in jail, stat.

I appreciate that this is occurring... hope they have lots of support!

We really have far too much tolerance for these douchebags.

I know, pretty lame announcement, but I figured it might be nice to have an announcement post that wasn't just 'I updated the lemmy code again today'. Heh, enjoy!

lemmy.ca updated to latest Lemmy release - 0.12.2
Happy after-Labour-Day Tuesday! Lemmy 0.12 was released last week, and there's already been a couple of bugfix releases (part of why it's so good to have patience when a new software release that has major new features or rewrites come along). So we've jumped to 0.12.2: Announcement of lemmy 0.12: https://lemmy.ca/post/12783 Announcmeent of lemmy 0.12.1: https://lemmy.ca/post/12841 Release notes that include the 0.12.2 release: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/main/RELEASES.md Enjoy!

Somebody please tell me if anyone involved in writing this thing has any understanding of how any online services work?

Updated lemmy.ca again today
We're on the new release 0.11.0 now - not sure why the frontend is showing "BE: unknown version", but we'll look in to that.

Updated the site today
Howdy all, Updated to lemmy 0.10.3 today, which contains some bugfixes and tweaks. Much has occurred on the back-end so mostly out of sight for regular users. If you notice any issues, please drop me a line!