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Random Mosaic – Detecting unauthorized physical access with beans, lentils and colored rice
via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31897530

yep, this is almost exactly the same calculation i just did to arrive somewhere between $0.50 - $2 for an SBC :)

that is true; running a small single-board computer probably adds somewhere between $0.50 to $2 per month to your power bill, depending on the model and the rates in your area, and much more if you use a normal PC instead.

If you have a decent internet connection at home, and a spare computer (eg a raspberrypi or something), and you don’t mind everyone knowing your home IP address, it could cost as little as $0.

It’s also possible to rent a virtual server for the purpose for as little as $5/month, but you’d probably want to spend a few times that to get one with better-than-minimum specs from a reliable/reputable operator.

The biggest expense is the time it takes to maintain it. Becoming an infrastructure provider for other people can become quite a hassle, especially if they come to rely on it and are seriously inconvenienced when you have downtime.

I had to do a double take on the date to make sure this wasn’t a story from a year ago, when bitcoin difficulty actually did fall almost 50%.

Now I see the headline says “bitcoin” but the article’s “decreased by 50%” claim is actually talking about a nebulous collection of things they call “the largest cryptocurrency networks”. But, when it comes to bitcoin specifically, this article is still just factually incorrect, stating:

“The electricity consumption of the bitcoin network has fallen by a third from its high of 11 June”

It only takes a moment of looking at difficulty charts on any website to see that the all-time high was actually 11 May (when the difficulty hit 31.25 T) and as of yesterday it is now down to 29.57 T, for a decrease of 5.3%.

The interesting story here is that for the last year (since last summer’s actually-almost-50% difficulty drop from 25 T to 13.6 T, which came soon after the price dropped and then rapidly turned back around along with it) the difficulty has continued to rise despite the price falling again. The fact that the difficulty climb has finally slowed (it’s gone down twice and up once since the 11 May peak) is unsurprising - what is surprising is that it didn’t do it sooner.

it depends on what dialect of markdown and the configuration of the markdown renderer.

in many places where you can use markdown, images are not allowed.

here on lemmy the syntax in that guide works:

![lemmy logo](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/bbbd6f1e-4919-4571-b24f-4f345b1f6e82.png) produces

lemmy logo

Third-party images are also (at the time of writing, at least) allowed; ![wikipedia logo](https://en.wikipedia.org/static/images/project-logos/enwiki.png) renders as expected:

wikipedia logo

(if you don’t see a wikipedia logo here then maybe lemmy has changed this policy in the future.)

(imo lemmy should actually not allow 3rd party images, because it provides a way for users to learn other users’ IP addresses…)

lmao the ISS is literally the least self-sufficient place anywhere in the universe where humans currently live


hopefully the six counties won’t be far behind! looking forward to the “United Kingdom of England and Wales” 🤣

via the /r/fuckcars thread about this, someone said in February that they were working on submitting a proposal. It appears that the 2022 submissions aren’t on the unicode consortium’s list of proposals yet; hopefully they submitted it!

You call that a TTY? This is a TTY:

smdh at kids today with their fancy emoji-having terminal emulators

if you live in a GDPR country, consider filing a complaint with your local data protection authority

i think DDG is hosted on AWS

not that it makes much difference but the DDG domains i just checked are currently pointing at Microsoft-owned IP addresses

Can anyone shed any light on what the impetus to this letter was? It very much reads like it must be in response to something specific having been widely distributed prematurely, but doesn’t say what it is/was.

In theory I think you can:

  1. put a peer tube video URL in the search box here
  2. wait a moment for lemmy to fetch the video page
  3. comment on the resulting lemmy page for the video
  4. your comment should appear on peertube

However, I just tried it with this video (that instance is running peertube 4.2.0, which is required for some features according to the lemmy release notes) and my comment here has not yet appeared on peertube (nor are the four existing comments on that video appearing on lemmy, nor is the one other video on that channel appearing on the lemmy page for that channel).

currently trying to figure out how to build a linux image for it 🤷‍♀️

https://github.com/skiffos/skiffos already has support for two other riscv boards; maybe adding support to it for this one wouldn’t be too hard?

see my other comment in this thread, it can translate offline now

The current link in this post goes to a year-old story about the online translation feature… here is the same site’s coverage of this week’s news - which is that there is now offline translation support: https://www.ghacks.net/2022/05/30/firefox-translations-firefoxs-offline-translate-feature-is-making-progress/ (i assume this is what OP actually meant to post). (edit: OP fixed the post’s link)

Here is a web page that loads their wasm translation engline and does the actual translation offline (and it does work in the stable release of Firefox). It’s irritating that the extension still requires a nightly firefox build, as I’d like to use it in my daily browsing but I don’t want to use nightly all the time.

There are a small number of apps that have legitimate reasons for background location access, like OsmAnd which is very nice for making GPX tracks (in an offline, privacy-respecting way). But yeah “foreground location” and “background location” should be different permissions, and really, why should that app even run in the background?

(note: OsmAnd should be installed from f-droid to get the unrestricted free software version; the version in google play hilariously requires you to pay for the ability to download more than a few maps 🤣 )

try this: microwave some water, then let it cool to room temperature, and then drink it. does it not taste different than room-temperature water that hasn’t been in your microwave?

via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31566031 source: https://github.com/satwikkansal/wtfpython

the article doesn't mention that an expired certificate is the cause, but that is credibly claimed on twitter here: https://nitter.net/jwildeboer/status/1530227390286290944