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@ada I think I heard somewhere that ! means that the post wont be public but just targeted at the specific person or group. It can be seen by other though if they have a direct link to the post.

how to move around Vim
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In my opinion it’s easier to find positivity over at Twitter than it is to find it here. I use Friendica which can mix my Twitter and Fediverse timeline for that exact reason.

Vim as IDE
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@coldhotman Indeed! I dont like all the politics. It’s bad energy 😁

Comments and posts not shown on Lemmy servers
Hey. I have issues when I comment posts, then sometimes it doesnt show up on the Lemmy server where the post was originally posted. Another issue is that if I try to make a post which contains a picture, then it doesnt work - only if it contains text only. What I do is that I tag the community, I want to post in. This is my Friendica account, but I have the same issues from my Mastodon account as well. Has anyone else had the same issues when interacting with Lemmy instances from other Fediverse platforms?

test 3
Test 3 [@test\_community](

Test [@test\_community](

Edit: I tested it and it doesn’t seem to be working like that for Mastodon. Tried with content warning as well which didn’t work. Only Friendica posts with a title and the community tagged works.

@TimothyMcFuck It’s Saturday the week after now though 😃
I’m new with Lemmy so I’m experimenting with it. I think I wanna make some new community so I’m going to decide on which server to join 😃

I will meet a friend in 1-2 hours 👍

If you wanna do this from a Mastodon account then the first line becomes the title of the post.

Friendica has titles but Mastodon doesn’t so that’s the workaround made by the Lemmy devs.

It seems to be working. Tagging the community is the way to do it.

hey there
I just wanted to see if I can make a post here from my Friendica account 🙂 [@chat](

@TechGuru_007 I used to be using Chromium based browsers but changed to Firefox recently. Actually it runs better on both my computer and phone.

@SrEstegosaurio @coldhotman why does it have weaker security than Chromium browsers?

Edit: saw this in the comments: madaidans-insecurities.github.…