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  • Seems to me (and that doesn’t mean much) to be the most secure / well updated option. GrapheneOS on a Pixel runs GREAT for me, I honestly expected a buggy experience from a custom ROM.

    Also, my grandmother could install it (this was especially enticing, I was worried about having to flash an OS, didn’t want to brick a phone).

    You get a lot of flexibility when it comes to installing Google Play Services. What I do is install any app that needs gplay services to a separate user profile with them installed.

    I honestly don’t have any cons, I’m completely satisfied with it, I can’t see myself switching back to an iOS device or trying stock Android.

    I can think of two cons, although they don’t bother me (not sure if this applies to every ROM available):

    You miss out on some features / apps that come with stock android, such as AI features.

    AOSP apps are installed out of the box, but aren’t wonderful for day-to-day use IMO. I recommend Fossify and You Apps

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    I dont know what they’re on about with Mitchell.

    (Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig in 1931 and was kicked out of the league a month later)

    This lacks SO much context, it was an EXHIBITION match and she never played in the MLB, she played in the minors. Anyone reading that would assume she struck out two greats in a real game and was banned by the MLB.

    There’s a lot of truth to she shooting thing, that should absolutely be co-ed.

    However, my point still stands: women and men should be separated if the sport has a physical component to its competition. (i.e. any sort of contact.)

  • Matrix is definitely closer to Discord / a platform built for communities.

    SimpleX is not P2P, as I understand it messages are forwarded through a random(?, at least varying) number of servers, so no server knows the sender and recipient. The main issue it attempts to solve is a complete lack of a persistent identifier. Your “account” does not have a single address you can be messaged on (you can create ephemeral ones). You can create a new identity for each person you message, meaning you don’t have to trust the people you’re messaging to keep your messaging account’s ‘identity’ secure.

    I also really like how easy it is to route through proxies (esp on Android)

  • Dino on Linux and Conversations for Android are both amazing clients imo, but the rest I’ve tried are SEVERELY lacking. Especially on iOS.

    I personally think the future from a technological perspective is SimpleX Chat. Fixes so many issues that plague other private IMs, however I’m waiting to switch until I see that their venture capital strategy is actually sustainable and won’t enshittify it.

  • My bad, v tired when I replied. That is an interesting feature the only similar solution I can think of is using something like Fossify Dialer (a fork of the now ad-ridden and proprietary Simple Dialer) and use T9 dialing. That could achieve a similar speed / memorization as a gesture.

    You could definitely get good enough at T9 to at least call people without looking at the screen.