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There are some aspects about these retro shooters that you really don’t see in modern titles.

“I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, the concerns that you constantly express,” Putin said. “We will do everything to stop this as soon as possible.”

A bit telling.

While very interesting, I wonder if this belongs in c/news?

I can’t believe the Tripla mall makes this list as well. What in the actual fuck.

Sometimes it’s also difficult to realize that your own behavior is actually problematic instead of just not vibing with someone. People generally won’t point these out to you and instead seek other people to be friends with.

Might be time for me to get my second RMA done now.

Jos ei kurssi käänny hyvinkin nopeasti niin täytyy kyllä valmistautua henkisesti melko vaikeisiin aikoihin.

It’s not just the whataboutism. It’s the deliberate mischaracterization of Finnish involvement in WW2. But the fact that Finland did fight alongside Nazi Germany against the USSR, even if for very different objectives, is enough to form an effective propaganda bludgeon.


Strongest military alliance on the planet.

Russia as an enemy

Starting a land war in Europe is going to make Europe treat you like a threat.

more danger of conflict

See Ukraine.

The past 30 or so years has been slow movement towards NATO so that if shit ever hit the fan, Finland could join pretty much immediately. This in conjuction with building self defense capabilities that would make an invasion - specifically by the Russian army - incredibly expensive.

In the end, the decisions to not join NATO and then to join were both done on national security grounds, and not for some sort of ideological stance. Finland’s just shedding the remaining bits of finlandization now.

Unsure about permanent bases, but female conscription is long overdue.

Or perhaps it’s easier for them to go for what they’ve always wished for? It’s a little tough to start demanding permanent NATO bases when the public opinion for joining has been abysmal for decades.

Bring it. Minuscule compared to what the Ukrainians are facing and we ought to be in this together.

I feel like there could be a button to simply sign up to a random instance from a curated list.

The site could essentially offer an easy (default) path that would tell you in the simplest possible terms (preferably with pictures) what Lemmy is and enough about federation that the user is aware that it’s normal to have multiple web addresses, they all just access the same network. It would then offer two buttons, one would take the user immediately to a recommended instance, the other would fork them to the “advanced” path, allowing them to pick an instance with all the bells and whistle options and access more detailed information about federation etc.

“Sign up to a recommended instance (server)” and “learn more first”/“advanced options” buttons, perhaps?

It’s probably worth noting that getting banned from Reddit means that the majority of Lemmy instances would likely ban you as well.

And to actually answer the question, I’ve never been banned.

I have no experience with the moderation features of Matrix yet and I’d need to test them out somehow, but I’d be willing to volunteer to clean up any possible spam and trolling.

I would urge anyone on the verge of quitting Lemmy due to this to check out either or There’s a (still small but) active effort in providing general instances and contributing general content in a less politically hostile environment.

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