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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking what Discord does well, as they do a lot of things really well. The “inverse-irc” model where you join entire servers instead of channels is actually so much better

And I agree that Spaces could’ve simply been servers. Literally just taking Discord and making servers actual servers would’ve made sense and would’ve been good for decentralization. It actually boggles my mind how there isn’t already a bigger movement in taking what Discord does and building something FOSS/decentrilized.

Do note that the Spaces beta is (or at least was when this post was published) missing fundamental features and is unusable for the vast majority of use cases. You can make a private Space for you and your friends but there’s no way for your friends to see the other rooms because they’re private (no Space level access yet).

So right now it’s not a whole lot better than the old Communities so there’s no reason to get excited or too invested just yet.

I really like how strong the tech youtuber scene is when they work together to expose this kind of shit. Even the smaller ones get help from bigger channels. Feels reassuring that collectively we have some form of stranglehold on huge giants like Intel and Nvidia.

There was a lot of fun in exploiting Morrowind’s mechanics and breaking the game, but I have to wonder if some large scale rebalancing mods exist. Like removing the crab/caldera traders, reworking unfun grindy skills, removing chaining potions, nerfing assassing gear etc.

In any case, I’m really glad this project continues to push forward. I got hooked in to the game again for months after over a decade, thanks to this project.

Even with things they promise to open source, there’s always too much waiting involved when it should all be open from the start.

Good thing Lemmy isn’t just one site.

Paljon kritiikkiä nähnyt mutta omalla sosiaalisen median tuhoamalla keskittymiskyvyllä tämmöset toimii ihan kivasti.


I’m mostly just annoyed they seem to be riding on the name of an actually privacy-suitable piece of software that does the same stuff, just not nearly to the same extent as Discord does.

Open source is at the foundation for privacy, so I’d suggest posting again once they publish their code. For now I don’t think it’s relevant here.

I’m very confused.

I assume there’s no relation to the original Mumble? https://www.mumble.info/

Also, can someone link the source code?


”Rokotteita on saatu maahan viimeksi kuluneen seitsemän päivän aikana kaikkiaan 258 750 annosta. Ensi viikolla rokotteita arvioidaan saapuvan Suomeen noin 240 000, ja sen jälkeen määrä lisääntyy. Kesäkuussa rokotteita arvioidaan saapuvan 285 000 – 360 000 annosta viikossa. Tämä on erinomainen uutinen, sillä yhä useammalle voidaan tarjota rokotus tulevien viikkojen aikana”, Kontio kertoo.

I’m sure the common misconception of “it’s a ghost town” kind of feeds a cycle that keeps a lot of people from joining, especially concerning Mastodon/Pleroma here. I think it’s just gonna be really slow but steady growth until either a certain threshold is reached or one of the proprietary silos spark another big controversy. The only thing I think is missing is diversity in content as most people here (including me) are just interested in software and technology, so I’m really thankful when a community pops up about something completely different.

If you make a “private Space for you and your team” and your invitees can’t see any rooms despite being invited to the Space, then I think it’s safe to say this was closed beta stuff at best. It really is a cycle of the same, you get excited about the big announcement but then realize something absolutely fundamental is still missing.

Looks like private communities are still broken until this is implemented https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse/pull/9922.

F-Droid repo dudes took the energy I sent their way!

Just have to wait until Arch and F-Droid updates their repos I suppose.

Still not sure if this community is appropriate for Matrix stuff, but it’s now officially happening.

Yhdysvalloissa kai jossainpäin jaetaan kaljaa ja toisaalla arvotaan miljoona dollaria rokotettujen kesken.

General Neovim Lua config help thread

For any questions related to configuring Neovim with Lua or migrating over to Lua from Vimscript…

Ability to remove lemmy.ml

A simple feature request. My main instance already federates with lemmy.ml so I’d like to not have it cluttering up the lists…