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I already feel iffy about said sponsored stories, but this is something else. And I actually do genuinely believe Linus here.

About the most cursed decision I can imagine. Imagine if all the tech media outlets start investing on Intel and AMD with just promises of “not going against values”.

It does seem cruel to put people in to public eye and nation wide expectations from birth.

Yeah, OP mentioned using Atom for coding separatedly, but with a configured Neovim setup you could have it all. There’s a learning curve and you kinda have to like configuring things to some degree, but I really think anyone doing a lot of writing of any kind as a hobby and/or at work ought to give Neovim a fair shot.

Do I actually have to worry about my email provider disappearing here?

RIP dark theme’s times new roman font.

The Conduit project is an alternative to Synapse which is more efficient for smaller servers.

Interest piqued.

lemmy.ml could also close doors/delist itself sometimes to facilitate decentralization. Closing being probably the preferrable option.

So much potential in a digital currency but it’s all going to waste. Incredibly disappointing.

And for a good reason since people’s livelyhoods were on the line.

The bit about exclusivity is what I’d like people to understand when they argue Epic Games Store is good because it forces competition. We’re just heading towards the same disaster as VOD services where they all have their own set of exclusives and all 10 of them want their 10e/month. Or like Anime VOD services where essentially only Crunchyroll is allowed to operate as they hold the vast majority of licences. Then you have a situation where Crunchyroll still has a fucking Flash Player in 2018 because they don’t have to give a shit.

Another collection of distinct personalities and character designs. Some really impressive rigging to boot.

With potato-tier Japanese skills: “Let’s play, friends! No archive.”

I’ve wanted to try Phoenix, but the project scaffolding tool just explodes when fetching npm dependencies.

We’re on probably the 75th teaser bu it seems we’re finally actually getting set dates.

Yes, but they don’t work, the functionality doesn’t exist. It’s there only for show for the moment. Anyone you invite to a private Space can’t see any of the channels because Space level access control isn’t done yet.

As far as I know, the spec is missing pirvate spaces completely, which is what the vast majority are expecting. Right now spaces are more like a facelift of the old communities.

In short, vtubers are content creators who use virtual avatars with often some light lore behind their character. Some are more dedicated to the character, some merely have an avatar. The virtual proxy characters and their backdrops tend to invite a lot creativity from the community side as well…