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  • It’s truly sad to see a website that I’ve been on for 8+ years turn to an absolute dumpster fire. I suppose I’m not surprised by Steve Huffman’s (u/spez) behavior, he has been deplorable to say the least over the countless years and this just does it for me and so many other users.

    The sub I mod on (r/Moustache) has gone private and will continue to indefinitely. I’ve deleted all of my posts aside from subreddit announcements and all of my comments on the site (all 4,500) of them.

    If anyone wants to delete their user data on Reddit you can do so by using this tool PowerDeleteSuite. It took a while for the suite to delete all my comments (make sure you overwrite your existing comments with whatever you like first to prevent future AI scraping and Reddit making even more money off of you) but it was worth it.