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  • I always see takes like this when people discuss alternative platforms. This is almost never the actual reason why people don’t switch. The real reason is that most modern internet users are incredibly afraid of using a web browser - anything that isn’t an official app is sketchy to them.

    They have been entirely socially conditioned to think that looking for “alternative to x” or “free version of x” will give them an adware extension. Google knowingly promotes adware sites to any 8 year old who wants to get Minecraft for free, so they learn young that you can never trust alternative online services for anything. If a person makes it to 10 and is unable to find emuparadise, they will be afraid of any online ‘alternative’ for the rest of their lives.

  • Lemmy users generally subscribe to the philosophy of “if everyone just thought exactly like me then the world would be utopia”

    The actual solution is to pirate Windows 10 LTSC IOT from 1337x.to (microsoft’s debloated version of W10 for sysadmins, it tends to get leaked) for a usable everyday system. The only Linux setups that are possible to daily drive (aren’t unstable) are Linux Mint and an Arch setup with Hyprland if you know what you’re doing - anything else has serious issues in my experience. Even if you got Adobe and Office apps running (which is possible in some cases), both the most used desktop environments on Linux (GNOME and KDE) are incredibly buggy messes. Literally half of all ‘distros’ are just trying to make sure those two desktop envs aren’t launching nuclear bombs on your machine