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Recommendations for books about buddhist mythologies?

Could you recommend books and the sorts about mythologies specifc to each buddhist sect?..

I did not expect it to happen. I see that https://lemmy.ml/ is not a safe place.

If you know that I am wrong, could you give counter examples?

In my experience, Internet “communities” of faceless nobodies are a kind of ratchet to echo chambers.

There is a drift to homogeneity no matter what you do. These are not places for pluralism or diversity.

The Lemmy algorithms are not different from those of Reddit, so… but you can try, and you evidently do, so… good luck anyways.

We could have a !liberalnews ghetto where non-communist news sources are allowed to be shared freely.

When traffic is so small, you don’t need much to “flood” the community…

Please keep posting.

meditation chatroom on Libera network

Nobody was claiming ##meditation @ libera.chat, so I’ve registered it. …

Morale and motivation are both low. What do I do?

Just finished my daily absolutely required 20min. (which can be extended depeneding on the situation) …

Freenode R.I.P. Lost but not forgotten. Miss you, big man!

Black Pickle Sandwich Metal

I know it is only tangential, but rejoice!, for there is Metal in this Grickle! …

What is the situation over at Freenode?

I constantly have the reality of oblivion stuck in front of my mind’s eye with nothing to distract me.

Children, elderly, patients at hospices of any terminal disease, mortuaries and graveyards, prisons, death camps, gulags, war, refugees, the sixth mass extinction, mass starvation, the eventual death and welcome oblivion of all that is born including but not limited to life, the universe, and everything else. We all suffer as conscious beings and it is a roaring maddening laugh.

Shia and Suna aren’t exactly בית הילל ובית שמאי… So I wouldn’t call it 22 solid. Shia and Suna are 22, but each is……… I don’t know enough geography.

Oh. I see your point. It is down-voted to עזאזל anyways.

It doesn’t stand out to me as “not meme” within the context of the other !memes@lemmy.ml posts.

Also, I have seen this type of joke made about Israel at least once before, so the meme is out there…

Gallows humor is a valid coping mechanism with life and death situations. It is a very human and humane thing to do, to laugh at the face of oblivion.

Technology (usually) knows no ideologic bounds. The Kalachnikov is quite symbolic in how it was used by theistic groups while it was developed by antitheistic Soviets.

Maybe in the case of “Jewish science” and the Nazis, or genetic manipulation of plants and Lyshenkoism there was ideologic resistance to science and technology.

מזל טוב על קבלת עול מצוות! 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬 מהי הפרשה?


Veterans Today is an old school Jewish Conspiracy fake news website.


correction: https://lemmy.ml/ doesnt allow certain groups. Putative far right Lemmy instances do.

Got some accountability partner. I will also try practicing many short sessions rather than a long one per day.

I guess what I am looking for is help getting back on saddle.