WEEN - The Mollusk 1996 []

There are a number of great albums in the Ween discography but this one is the classic, wrapping Gene and Dean Weens eclectic style in a nautically themed album.

A lot more polished, but no less fun than previous albums like God Ween Satan or Pure Guava.

To this day, Ween continues to be one of the bands that exists on their own level- comparisons can be made, but the usually all fall short. The band defies genre simply because they embrace all genres and willfully craft outside any prescribed boundaries. This concept didn’t begin for the band on The Mollusk, but it was where this concept was brought to maturity and magnificence. - punknews.org

Cold Hotman
2kahdeksan päivää

This album is absolutely fantastic. Buckingham Green is one of the songs that inspired me to get serious about playing the guitar.

Post about your essential albums from your collection - albums that should be on the doco series! Albums should be 10+ years or older.

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