I try to be. Children would be exhausting to parent in the current era. Humanity’s future is gloom too.

  • Mad
    12 years ago

    Only PhDs in child psychology should reproduce?

    Only those with some qualification in child psychology should raise children.

    “sometimes bad things happen to some people”

    most times small things happen to most children that have a huge psychological impact on them. these things can be avoided by child psychology experts because they actually know what they’re doing.

    You’ve got 4 billion years of genetic coding that insists, even demands that this is true.

    There are primal instincts that push us towards wanting children, but pleasing the more complex parts of your brain is much more fulfilling, enough that you don’t need to appease those primal instincts. I’m not arguing that having children wouldn’t provide some happiness at certain points for everyone, just that there are other things that will make you much more happy and don’t risk the lifelong wellbeing of another human being. and again, for some people the more complex part of their brain will want children, because of genuine interest in the process of raising a child, not because of a temporary high that will fade as soon as they need to pay attention to their actions around the child or make tough decisions about discipline.

    Society? If society ever did that, it ceased doing it almost a hundred years ago.

    That’s great to hear, my observations must be anomalous then.