One of my colleagues visits China regularly and was given this tea as a gift. However they didn’t see themselves making the most of it so offered it to me.

I have no idea what to do with it though. It’s like a circular brick of compressed tea leaves. Do I just take off a chunk and leave it in hot water? Does the temperature matter, and do I need any particular tools?

I’ve only ever used tea bags so I’m a bit lost

Edit: also the expiry says November 2023… but it’s just tea right?

    134 months ago

    Heads up! Many Chinese products have manufacturing date ONLY. From then, you kinda figure it out yourself when is best to consume it. Some will go as far as hint “best consumed within a month or the manufacture date” or things like that. But yeah, as others have said, with tea, if properly kept, doesn’t really expire. I’d day that date is really the manufacturing date.

    • Classy Hatter
      84 months ago

      Most teas don’t expire if stored correctly. Green teas should generally be consumed within a year from the manufacturing date.