I want to setup a matrix instance to help increase friends and family’s privacy. Is there much value in creating my own instance?

I’m a beginner to linux and coding, but am good at following the steps on a video tutorial.

Alternatively i could get everyone to sign up on a preexisting instance + download the element app.

Thanks for sharing your opinions !

    • poVoq
      3 years ago

      Its like a Linux distribution…not like Prosody itself that basically is like a “roll your own OS”. Snikket comes all preconfigured for the typical use-case of a small private server, has a few bleeding edge extensions like nicely integrated invites and a administrative GUI, and also has some rebranded clients (based on Conversations & Siskin) with some small usability improvements and preconfigured to work best with the Snikket server.

      It is basically an attempt by one of the main Prosody developers to make XMPP more accessible and under a unified “brand” to solve some of the “too much choice” issues XMPP has.