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Great, if Russia is wasting their few “precision” missiles trying to hit mobile artillery there is less to bomb civilian targets like they have been doing in recent weeks 😓

The influx of people from /r/genzedong is a serious problem that is damaging to the Lemmyverse as they are flooding many communities with low quality comments and the main federated feed with really questionable and historically revisionist memes etc.

For existing users it isn’t so bad as you mostly only see the communities that you have subscribed to, but it gives off a seriously bad first impression to new users that are not coming from these banned subreddits.

EteSync has end to end encrypted notes with an Android and web app.

You don’t seem to be a developer :)

Issues are supposed to be like tickets. They come from issue tracking systems. They have a clearly defined life cycle of opening and closing them.

If you mix them with general discussions your entire project cycle management system breaks as you can’t have clear milestones etc. with forever open “issues” that are not issues but discussions.

An issues is usually a bug report or similar, not a feature discussion etc. Depending on the outcome of the discussion you then create an issue or a PR/feature branch.

The tests I have seen them working on were with Mastodon, not inter Gitea, but that might have been just to rule out implementation issues to ensure general compatibility.

Hmm to be honest I have not used Github discussions much, but it seems to make sense to separate issue tracking from general development discussions.

I was hoping the Steam Deck would make a bigger impact already, but I guess Steam is just too big and production is still ramping up.

I wonder if Gitea will add a Discussion feature similar to Github. This could map nicely to Lemmy like groups via ActivityPub.

As for federated issue tracking… That could get spammy really fast if it is made compatible with Mastodon etc. Probably not the best idea. However, federated PRs with comments could be useful.

Ah, that is a bit disappointing as the Matrix-Discord bridge is pretty buggy.

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Public or private?

The Nextcloud news addon is not bad as a private feed reader. And I am using a WordPress plugin to syndicate a public Planet from RSS.

Nice, can it also be used to auomatically update these Godot versions? Edit: ah never mind, it can do that 😅

Interesting. Any details on how this works? Is this a open source bridge, or does the Revolt.chat server do s2s for matrix natively?

Eh, sorry but that is not Anime. Take your American cartoon discussions somewhere else 🤪

/me counts the number of chip producing companies…

Not really more than 3 either at semi decent node sizes.

An open ISA is certainly nice if your alternatives are owned by companies that might have to sanction you in the future, but chip production is way too complicated for an open ISA to make much difference for consumers in regards to more competion (especially outside of China).

Hmm, can’t claim to be an expert, but I heard the opposite. According to the article I read the original RISC-V ISA was developed by the University of California to be simple and easy to teach, but the opposite of optimized.

By now this has surely improved a lot, but most commercially available SoCs seem to include a lot of complex out of spec and proprietary extensions to get semi decent speed. And those larger Chinese server chip designs might be ok for highly parallel workloads, but are not exactly great either (like those old AMD Bulldozer chips).

Odd, such an announcement and no mention of their own project called Kallithea. It’s actually a quite nice forge with support for both git and mercurial.

Hmm worked for me out of the box with Proton about a year ago. I only ever played the single player part though. Did you check proton db?

If the airship uses hydrogen, then you need some tanks for it anyways and those could also feed fuel cells. They are not that heavy if made from carbon fiber. Its also much easier to refill on the way on a short stop.

Also such an airship has potentially a huge surface area for solar panels. Regular silicon ones are probably too heavy, but those Perovskite cells under development can be super lightweight at still decent efficiency.

But I agree, let’s be skeptical until there is actually some real ones flying again.

Rather it can be, but usually it is not. The main specs are freely available, but since the design is not copyleft the actual chip designs are usually not and often even include proprietary extensions.

Wayland is not going to save the Linux Desktop
Some issues with Wayland explained.

New: Loomio chat integrations!
XMPP should work via a webhook bridge as well.

Neat new collaborative web editor.

OnlyOffice Document server 7.1 released
Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/267879 > Finally with ARM support!

For Manjaro. Waydroid is a wrapper to run Android apps on Linux Phones.

Gajim 1.4.0 released
Massive update!