• qyron
    46 months ago

    My dear friend.

    Please allow me to expose to you some horrors I have witnessed first hand, so that you may go into the world fully aware of the dread it holds and hides.

    For there are things that should not be out there.

    Like people that sleep - yes, sleep - with a bottle of Coca Cola by their bedstand and wake up during the night to drink from it. And that see as a proper waking ritual to unscrew the cap of the same bottle - or perhaps a fresh one - take a long swig from it, light a cigarette and smoke it as they put on their bedroom slippers.

    • @hinterlufer@lemmy.world
      26 months ago

      That reminds me of an ex-roommate who, at some point, stopped drinking water altogether and only drank Coke or Ice Tea. At the same time he’d base most of his diet on McDonalds and went to the gym every other day. He would also only drive to the gym although it was like 5 minutes by foot. Apart from that he also brushed his teeth like once a week tops. I wonder what’s become of him.