Solar Scooters introduced its Hyperion electric scooter that can top out at 65 mph and has a maximum range of 70 miles.

  • MentalEdge
    13 days ago

    On park boards, definitely. Those wheels are truly tiny.

    I imagine the same is true for the smallest of longboard wheels.

    And I do notice a difference between my various eskates (90mm - 5" air tires), but I don’t dodge rocks on any of them.

    Which size wheels I’m riding mostly determines how high the curbs are that I try to go up and down without stepping off. Going over anything that’s even a little less than half the diameter of the wheel, works, and it’s actually easier the faster I go. I’m talking speeds you wont ever hit on human power. At low speeds you have too little kinetic energy to overcome the stopping power of pebbles, but that actually stops happening at speed. I only need worry about tiny things stopping my boards at speeds where getting “thrown off” is little more than involuntarily stepping forward and off the board.

    So yes, tiny wheels can be trouble, but the odd reality remains, that I in fact can go up and down curbs that look like it shouldn’t be possible, on a skateboard.

    These scooters have tires at sizes far and above the kind where you might be stopped by something you can’t even see.

    They absolutely can be disrupted by potholes that wouldn’t bother a car, but not the kind you wont see coming. (though whether you can stop or dodge a pothole in time at these speeds is a different matter)