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  • From what I understand, silent payments only gives the sender the ability to generate addresses that the receiver can pull Bitcoin from. So it protects the receiver, but it does not protect the sender and it does not protect the amounts. This is a step in the right direction for Bitcoin, but it’s still nothing compared to Monero.

    Edit: Instead of having the receiver manually have to give you a new address that’s fresh every single time you want to pay them. This automatically can generate new addresses to pay them without their input.

  • Started using Linux in 2010 on a virtual machine on a Windows XP machine that was really not meant to run it and it was God awful. But I knew that it was the virtual machine not Linux itself. After that I was using my laptop for school and a Windows update completely broke it and I absolutely had to use it for the next class that I was going to in like five minutes and I had a flash drive with a live Linux environment already on it and so I just used that. However, once I was done with class that day, my first thought was why should I even go in and attempt to fix this Windows machine when Linux has been working fine for me all day. And so I just went ahead and wiped the disk and ran the installer. And I’ve been using Linux ever since. I do generally keep a Windows virtual machine around, just in case, but it’s extremely rare that I’ve ever needed to use it.