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Please make sure you require signups so we don’t get spammed by nazi trolls. Other than that it’s a cool idea!

Supreme Court: slaps cover of trash can “You can fit so many precedents in there”

Damn, it’s not available anymore. Maybe just from that seller though.

Training models is very expensive due to the resources required and the need to hire qualified experts to work on it, which is why only large IT companies can afford regular access to this technology. If researchers can’t get access to these models then growth of research could wane, so Yandex is open sourcing their model which is now the largest ever one that is open sourced.

Cool. I have one set up but my TV isn’t “smart” like that

Would pihole actually be able to block these?

It doesn’t need to be a real product because it’s already in the food to begin with.

“Why yes, I do like to eat the McDonald’s just like the other humans”

I remember someone mentioned that there was an issue with Lemmy and Safari. I believe a fix was pushed but I don’t know why that fix wouldn’t be applied to lemmy.ml. The UI version should be 0.16.5.

Then they squirm around and out of your grasp. You suddenly notice that you’re bleeding.

Nothing gets past Phil

Thanks to this gentleman I looked up the PSL and found out there’s an active chapter in my city. Gonna reach out to them.

What thoughts go through your head when you hear someone refer to left-leaning individuals or policies as "liberal"?
Whenever I hear someone use liberal to describe someone or something that is left leaning I just get the sense that their politics are too US-based and kind of roll my eyes because that's not really what liberal means. Is this an appropriate reaction or should I get off my high horse?

I always felt in the back of my mind that a lot of social media “protesting” is cringey and this kind of explains it. It just seems like people are doing things for views rather than change.