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I wish something like this would happen but I don’t really see it happening anytime soon in the US.

Anarchists across the globe to rise up against capitalism once and for all, bringing a new age into the world that will last forever.

That’s what I thought. Its just a Hetzner server, doesn’t specifty what.

I don’t see a field named AP. Thanks though!

What is sopuli hosted on?
Going to a few different servers to ask this as I think I'm going to create my own lemmy instance. Thanks! (love what you guys are doing here btw)

What is beehaw hosted on?
Going to a few different servers to ask this. I think I'm going to make my own lemmy instance.

This is the world I’ve been building for ttrpgs, fun, and eventually some stories for the past few months. Despite the constant procrastination it’s been a ton of fun. The is steampunkeque that is largely controlled by a trading group and culture called the Moche. I’d love some questions and criticisms to help me flesh Drio out.

That sounds like fun! If we can get enough people I’d love to use revolt or discord to do so.

I didn’t finish the article but the part I did read was shocking. The amount of propaganda I’ve been fed about this is way more than I knew.

George H.W. Bush said instead: “I will never apologize for the United States. I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.”

The Bush family at its finest.

I like the idea of servers allowing anyone to make their own community if they can give a plan on how it won’t end up dead.

How come communities can’t be made in beehaw?
Mostly just curious, How come people can't create their own communities here? What was the reasoning behind this? I'd love it if people could create their own communities and appeal to tiny niches. (i know I can find most of them via federation but some I can't)

Let them go. While I would love for them to go to the fediverse instead Bluesky is decentralized and not owned by Elon. The fedi is at a point now where there’s enough people to have great conversations in about every niche.

Zuckerberg misled everyone, burned tens of billions of dollars, convinced an industry of followers to submit to his quixotic obsession, and then killed it the second that another idea started to interest Wall Street.

Capitalism at it’s finest

tbh despite getting really interested and pissed off by the metaverse when it was announced, I have not thought about it in months.

Problem is I can only see like two comments out of the theoretical 16.

Sorry. I thought most people would have seen the post posted here earlier. No comments appear anywhere but my inbox. I’ll click on “one comment” and there will be nothing there no matter how I sort it. Federated comments also just don’t appear. Sometimes i’ll click on a post with something like “12 comments” but only see one.

Any progress on the fixing of comments?
Comments are broken pretty bad right now-I think we all know that. Is there progress being made on fixing this? Does the dev team know and are working on it?

Awesome post! Another thing I might add is if you’re able and wanting you should make your own fedi server. It’s always better to add a little more capacity to this machine. If you were to do it with less used software (like lemmy) I feel like that would help the fediverse out a ton.

Wait… Is it the same with Canada?? This sounds like a government cover up ngl

my revolt.chat server for nerds
Hey Beehaw! I wanted to share with you my revolt.chat server aimed for nerds, geeks and intellectuals of all types to hang out, get feedback, or just share projects. There's currently very few people there due to [revolt](https://revolt.chat/) being another not very active FOSS app. I (as would all of revolt i'm sure) would really appreciate a join if you're interested. https://rvlt.gg/s1mcZwhZ *If anyone thinks I should take this down due to it being self promo no problemo.* We're also bridged to discord if you *must* use such a platform-link in server

I’m laughing in shock and horror at late stage capitalism. Least they could have done was open source the tech powering it!

Yeah. The reason I prefer them is it seems that people have more meaningful conversations than on other platform. Also on reddit specific posts can appear in search results making it possible to write a blog on one of these platform or find a very helpful suggestion to a specific problem you have. (I really wish lemmy did this: not just because of the practicality but it would also bring a whole bunch more users over here.)

Yeah…I meant as my “home base” in the fediverse. The place I typically will scroll.

That can take years. Lemmy itself won’t reflect those changes, but places in Lemmy will.

I like that

I do like it but i’m not sure i’ll use it instead of another platform…I really like lemmy and it’s link aggregatorness but Calckey’s lack of a character limit makes it a viable alternative. Also that UI is HOT! (As are most worked on by freeplay)

This is why we see a lot more activity and discussion in tech and tech-related spaces.

Honestly the same can be said for the whole of the fediverse. So much is about the Fediverse itself or FOSS.

Lack of discussion on beehaw (and lemmy)
First off, I want to say that I love what the people here are doing but I do have a problem. There is never any conversation about posts. There are tons and tons of links shared but most of the time they're just articles that someone found interesting. I never see any true, meaningful discussion the way I do on reddit. Does anyone else have a problem with this or am I just shouting at the clouds? Is there anything we can do about it?

Super neiche communities. I will never be able to fully switch until I can get them. Also shitposting to the degree that reddit has. I get that others may thoroughly hate it but I find it hilarious.

I think the broader question may be how lemmy could appeal to more users that aren’t just redditors who value privacy. (Though the same could be said for all FOSS tech)

Beehaw, what’s your opinion on anarchism?
As a budding anarchist I'd like to hear some opinions.