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tbh I see Pixelfed being much more akin to what Instagram was in its early days, being more focused on being a platform for photographers (in a more professional way).

but the more popular the fediverse gets the better, honestly

Learning programming. Started a couple of weeks ago with Python but I’m still in the early beginnings of the learning curve. Can barely write anything but I am starting to understand Python code from others that I see online, so I see that as an absolute win.

Specially with zstd compression (and even more with lower compression levels) you really can’t note the difference (outside of really specific workloads).

Been using BTRFS for months and months now, and goddamn is it good

They managed to ruin even their notifications, the one thing that worked properly in the redesign.

Now there’s a huge delay before they actually appear in the notification pop-up, but if you check the notifications page manually they’re there.

That is actually REALLY great news for the future of Wayland, it finally feels like the day it can be 100% a daily driver for everyone is getting closer and closer.

All it counts are the people that get the hardware survey (which is not nearly every user) and that decide to answer it. A neat thing you could do is, if you get the survey while on your Windows machine and want to do it in your linux system, just kill the steam process without closing the survey and open steam on your linux system and you should get it popping up again.

learn to take a joke bro, minority report is the name of a show so yeah, I think your reaction was funny

i support minorities so i would never report them

ok that got a genuine chuckle out of me

umm, it’s clearly “off proprietary…” instead of “of proprietary…”

so it’s preferably outside of bloated proprietary sites

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


PSA: If you don't need it disable accessibility services for better performance and RAM usage

It’s probably well known at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to spread the word further. Disabling accessibility services in Firefox (both on desktop and mobile, but specially on mobile) helps A LOT with performance and RAM usage. …

Not necessarily the focus of the article, but it’s great to see Mozilla finally hiring more staff to work on the browser’s performance again, amongst other positions: …

Side note in that regard, to those that are into crypto and want to help in that way, the meme coin BANANO also has its way of being “mined” by helping medical projects through folding@home, which is really nice, even though it doesn’t pay too much

in what way exactly? I can see it when it comes to verifying sessions and verification of other users in E2EE chats, but in general use it’s pretty simple

being 100% honest here, matrix in general but element in special has grown SO MUCH in these last few months, I remember the first time I got in touch with it the whole experience felt so clunky I went back to signal, while today (specially with the develop message bubbles on element-web, can’t wait to see those on android as well) it all feels so much better, to the point I can confidently use it myself and recommend it to other people

" Several months ago I found an issue (now CVE-2020-27348) with Ubuntu’s new package management system, Snapcraft. This bug introduced a classic pattern of insecurity to these ‘Snap’ managed applications which is analogous to DLL sideloading issues on Windows (a form of dynamic library injection)…

tbh barinsta’s design is great, it would be even better than pixelfed’s official app

I love how they decided to it in a similar style that Matrix does, it’s much more community-driven while still being centralized and focused, unlike KDE devlogs (which are also pretty great in their own way).

tbf neither had I before I saw an interview with one of the devs, and a complaint from a friend of mine, who had one of the laptops that came with it (since it was cheaper), didn’t like it and switched to windows

Here in Brasil it’s more common then I’d expect, even tho it’s still not ideal, since most retail stores have W10 on their laptops, but DELL and Acer have been really good with Linux laptops over here, with the former offering Ubuntu and the latter EndlessOS

not everything is EEE man, chill
companies (even those that do proprietary shit) invest in FOSS tools that they themselves use, there’s a lot of tools built by or funded by shitty companies that are great for linux, ZSTD compression (developed by Facebook of all people) being the golden example of this

MPR is a project that brings AUR PKGBUILDS to Debian-based distros

MPR - makedeb Package Repository (previously know as the DUR - Debian User Repository) is a source for PKGBUILDs that can be transformed into .debs using the tool mentioned in its name, makedeb. It also has a wrapper for it called tap (the successor to mpm), which is the equivalent to what AUR…

Analysts from Privacy Sharks stumbled across the data put up for sale on RaidForums by a hacker calling himself “GOD User TomLiner.” The advertisement, posted June 22, claims that 700 million records are included in the cache, and included a sample of 1 million records as “proof.”