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Ah, well shit. I believe you, but could you give me a link, for proof?

What do you think of Odysee?
Hey, Lemmy. I've been using the blockchain-based video streaming service Odysee as a YouTube backup for a while now, where I run the PIF archive channel, RandomWolf. I was reading Wikipedia, and it says that the platform is often used by the far right, mainly because of its "free speech" guidelines. However, the channels I am seeing are fine. What do you guys think? Is it safe, or is it just a clone of Rumble? And, while you're at it, can you tell me what you think of Mental Outlaw? My channel is on [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCURyU1UgPUOGw2WqScpCTCA), [PeerTube](https://tube.tchncs.de/c/randomwolf) and [Odysee](https://odysee.com/@RandomWolf:1), in case anyone has an interest in the niche.

I can’t control the actual hyperfocusing, but I can control the cause; so yeah, when I’m listening to music, watching cartoons, programming, or doing exams.

Mostly distraction. I listen to a lot of music, watch cartoons (I’d recommend The Owl House, if you haven’t seen it), and (for an unknown reason) I can hyperfocus. I’m also growing Padrón chillies and chestnut mushrooms.

Europeans and Oceanians of Lemmy, what are the pros and cons of living in your country?
I (17NB) am thinking of emigrating from the UK when I'm older, but I'm unsure of where I would want to go. If you live in Europe or Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc.), what are the good and bad things about life in your country?

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III
  • Debian 12 (comes out 10th June)
  • iOS 17 (comes out in the summer)
  • “1972” by Green Day (coming out at some point)
  • My holiday to Cornwall (August 2023)
  • My 18th birthday (April 2024)
  • Being able to vote, drive, and buy alcohol.
  • The end of school, forever.

  • Food: French onion soup
  • Dessert: Fruitcake
  • Cocktail: Cubata (my favourite) or Mojito (my friends’ favourite)

Ah, sorry. It’s getting late, I’m not wearing my glasses, and I have a British keyboard. Is Cătă correct?

I would happily do this, but the majority of gen z prefer to text, and my friends have some weird conversations.

I already use MuseScore, although I’m still on version 2 as I’m running Debian Bullseye.

FOSS App Store for iOS?
I've been hearing a lot about Apple being forced to allow sideloading on iPads and iPhones in Europe, which of course opens up opportunities for developers to use non-WebKit browser engines and to use non-permissive software licenses (such as the GPL), as they are no-longer restricted by the App Store. Mozilla and Google are currently working on versions of Firefox and Chrome with Gecko and Blink, respectively; but I have so far heard nothing about a dedicated FOSS store, in the same vein as F-Droid. Does anyone know if anybody's working on anything, or if we're just going to be using AltStore and Cydia, like in the old days?

That sounds like a great idea! I’m still in sixth form for the time being, but I might put out a survey and try to rent out some premises in the town when I’m older. Businesses are moving out left, right and centre (make of that what you will), so there are plenty of places that would make a good hackerspace.

Thanks! According to the Wiki, the nearest hackerspace to me is in Middlesborough, which is about 80 km away; however, both my dad and my grandad have their fair shares of electrical, woodworking, metalworking, and masonry tools, so I’ll be able to find something to work with if I come up with a project idea.

I would have a look at Manuskript.

However, I tend to write with whatever’s in front of me. Currently using WordGrinder for one thing, Joplin for another, and Pages '09 on my sixteen-year-old MacBook.

Millennials and early Gen Z of Lemmy, what did you do for fun before phones became such a huge part of our lives?
I keep cutting out things like social media from my lifestyle, but I'm finding it hard to fill the time. Reading can only go so far, there's never anything on TV, and my friends all live twelve miles away. So, before we really had social media, what did teenagers do?