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Nice one! I think you might be able to achieve similar result with customizing news title/body – by including a phrase or hashtag and post it in regular news community.

This way the news community will always have content and your posts will be nicely searchable / recognizable. At the same time other news posters might get inspired by higher quality of posts and adopt similar specific practices.

If there’s enough content to create a brand new community, am sure there will be a place for it

Thank you

tldr: size of the index has been reduced from 8 mb to 80 kb. 100 times difference

are we so terminally online that we like … became an actual meme of ourselves?

Those are called life simulators, nowadays they’re made as mobile and browser games


Hobo - Real Life Simulator on the App Store

Those are called life simulators, nowadays they’re made as mobile and browser games


Hobo - Real Life Simulator on the App Store

any Scottish around to explain the long term effects?

I believe a country can do it over decades but it’s much less efficient than currency exchange. I.e. as worker you earn less and your $1 buys less than in any other country. So there’s virtually no point in handicapping your own economy that much

While we’re at it, is there maybe a guide how to post on lemmyverse from mastodon?

@vekku@sopuli.xyz did a great job outlining military prospects of this action. As a next step we could be asking who else has good “risk to reward” ratio in engaging the Ivans.

Imo, the easiest answer is Turkaeyiee and they know it. That explains questionable deals they do with Moscow: it shows intention to extract max profit from dying empire without making ones hands dirty.


I like to think of “open source software vs closed software” as “stairs vs elevator”: stairs are healthy, autonomous, require little to no maintenance but given the option to elevator I don’t have any illusion what most people would prefer

Yes, stairs are very inaccessible – stairs might exclude a bunch of people by its own design

In the eyes of stairs-builder you shouldn’t build (residential) buildings that require an elevator. Moreover, in narrow cases you might wanna consider to build an elevator, consider an escalator first

Answering the question “How can we get people to use stairs everyday?”, stairs-builders make stairs well lit, wide, friendly and well placed.

A user of stairs might prepare their friends and family to use existing stairs they got: by explaining the techniques to approach the stairs, by recommending appropriate shoes, by timing the stairs climbing at an appropriate moment of the day etc

Less advanced user might simply point to the stairway and say “why don’t we take stairs this time?”. And here we (advanced users) wanna ask them not to do that with their sore/acky nana – she wouldn’t like the stairs either way

Don’t waste your energy. Focus on the achievable

In context of this community, I personally feel it’s intentionally-basic ground rule to keep healthy relationships with other people over the argument

I feel admins don’t want to be overly prescriptive how you “suppose to” act but in every heated/controversial discussion they will try to keep peace/civility at the expense of “the truth”

Of course, this approach has its cons but one can always stroll to the instances with fewer/no ground rules while keeping your beehome clean and friendly

Since most of society revolves around sex, children and sense of belonging, how does typical arom ace typically recreates ones family? Is there set of movements or philosophies that can guide an arom ace person through life within the society? I mean I get that there are plenty of such things focused on self improvement/zen/nirvana but the path is quite isolating. So how do aroaces recreate their own family? P.S. Not necessarily lgbt question but it fits the most here

Semi manually:

  1. Copy the link from my native instance
  2. Link button pastes the brackets for markdown link
  3. Paste the link i copied before in those brackets
  4. Manually delete my native instance address from the link

At this point we should just embrace foldable tablets as desktops

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/424609 > > This episode features parts of a very rare interview with the world's greatest sniper of all time: Simo Häyhä aka "White Death" - the farmer from Rautjärvi municipality Finland, Europe. Finnish journalist Hannu Karpo interviews the heroes of the Winter War (also known as the first Soviet-Finnish War in 1939-1940) finding out what was the famous spirit of the Winter War all about and were their sacrifices worth it and how do they feel about the independent Finland 50 years later. Despite the superior military strength the Soviets suffered severe losses and The Finns managed to maintain their independence. The 80's youth also shares their thoughts. Original screening: "Karpolla on asiaa" current affairs 1989

Seems like it will shift from imaginative exploration game into “fantasy GTA”


In all seriousness, try not to overuse #1 headers

# like this


It seems like you wouldn’t have asked that question if your network worked flawlessly. Saving bandwidth on local network seems like a weird saving on its own.

So I imagine that you might be suffering from a more fundamental problem: like having a low end router that you push to self-host and cater to a family of wireless devices at the same time.

Am just speculating of course. Could you tell us why are you chasing to reduce power of 5-20 watt device?

Regarding 1.:

It seems that even if a picture is hosted externally (for example via imgur), local instance still caches the picture in its original quality…

For example in this very post the picture is hosted on imgur but beehaw preloads it in original quality, which could be seen in link of preview https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/96878b21-2474-491c-a691-be8c4151d71f.jpeg

🇷🇺 : WrongWAY Yaml: falseRWAY

I tried to post it again but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Is it your own website?

This year I might sell the rest of intel / nvidia chains on my neck and embrace the pain of fiddling with wifi drivers 90s style

🤣 😀 🙂 😐 🤔 😢

I might have to actually do it, oh heck

yeah… it happened…

The story was quite heated and I hope kromonos is in better shape nowadays…

But am not brave enough to ask him directly and open this can of worms again…

I always wandered what was his deal… He seemed like he confused his personal therapy chat with reddit/lemmyverse

Anyways, he left a short but memorable appearance. Much gratitude goes to “perthchat news publishing inc” for this beautiful obituary

lil tombstone
‘Wake up,
Alice dear!’
2022 – 2023

© Alice in Wonderland–the last page

The moment when you order food to go and ask for NO utensils – they put it in your bag anyway

Bonus: staff refuses to take the utensils back because after you simply looked at them, they’re already “used”

@graphito@beehaw.orgtoMemesImagine if
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Adam: *takes a bite of apple*


that’s okay, I welcome your opinion

If masterofballs suddenly comes out of fog, we could discuss the pros and cons once again. See you then

Well, despite our political divide, it’s sad to see this strong instance to go. Hope he’ll take care of himself and reappear on fediverse in the future

At this point, being blocked by them is some sort of quality control haha

Would be interesting to see full list of privacy services blocked by them 🤔

woah, you’ve put so much effort in this reply, it worth to publish it as a separate post 😅

great points! 👍

Yeah, it works but as of now requires to rewrite few hundred lines of python to connect to Lemmy API

I was hoping to find an easy guide to generate a simple GCal / CalDav link or ICS file from a post. This way one doesn’t need to write/test/deploy/maintain code and could use it right from the get-go

I’ll link the guide to this reply once I come across it

Any idea how to craft links to create an event in calendars?

would be useful to discuss the prediction once more, when the time in question comes

The biggest factor is the knife

If you have a knife of appropriate shape and sufficient sharpness, you wouldn’t even notice the pungency. While sharpening focus on the tip since it does the main work

is it an instance run by a bulgarian?

I’m scared for atlantic ocean now. This gang might dam it and tax the world for using it

@graphito@beehaw.orgtoMemesYes, but..
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I mean, of course gallery of a phone going to be littered with household stuff. All good photos of you and your family should go to the appropriate storage directory.

Instead, mobile device storage is very well suited to temporary photos that are not scary to loose. One has to keep in mind that photos of value on the phone will be irrecoverably destroyed in case of phone malfunction/drowning.

Don’t forget to make backup, kids

Toxic relationship be like

I've been wondering about these questions for a while now but the docs were scarce. 1. Does loading an image (cache/thumbnail) from external hosting takes up any server storage? **[UPD: yes, it does](https://beehaw.org/comment/53887)** If so, is it cleaned up when original image deleted? 1. Do (internally hosted) "orphan" images (not linked to any post/comments) get deleted? 1. Any recommendations for image hosting? Preferably freemium+donation based, open source, able to keep spinning until end of times -- all that jazz 1. In relation to creating posts on lemmiverse: any hints for streamlined workflow uploading images to external hosting? (bookmarklets, scripts, custom frontends) 1. Are there any promising Lemmy initiatives for optimizing storage usage? Got any questions of your own about image hosting? Let's hear it

Reasoning bias: self interest
Especially important nowadays to notice it in your own reasoning As an act of cleansing, comment what instance of this bias you'd like to get rid of

Risc phone 2023 running Android please?

Works well on mobile too 👍 You'll never look at yoggie posts the same 😏