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Maybe after the current crisis the tribunal could investigate and monitor the terror of other nations as well. Although, not without some push from electorate

!remindmebot remind me when this is all over

The lyrics are from a song "Superman" by Lazlo Bane

It’s actually pretty useful thing to do. You can boost your own content on Mastodon, expanding its reach

Boosting your own content on Mastodon also helps promote Lemmy instances as people go check out the instance and realize that it’s actually a Lemmy one

Unfortunately I can’t see my own posts from Mastodon for some reason and many of the Lemmy posts come with the delay of days or even weeks

Internet is a stage and netizens are actors on it. Emotion triggering behaviour brings viewership online and makes one isolated offline. The more clickbaity your personality is, the more your content is shared online. Offline you’d be called lunatic and harassed for the same stuff

Yes, we gotta see some breakdown what instance those users are registered in. So far (last day or so), I see lots of accounts of moderate size from twitter creating an account on mastodon “in case twitter dies”

7 million registered users! 💖

Good points all around, ol’ chap. You made me think that those corporate instances might have unique features enabled by proprietary modules and bots + unlimited storage for attached media. To counter that, I suppose Mastodon should make a clause in their license prohibiting to run their software for profit

Registering on defederated non-intranet instance just to receive news about only X company seems kinda silly tho

Great shame for US which at some point gotta be dug out from under the rug and approached with humility like post-WWII Germany did

By moderation of course. Wolfballs is a “free speech” land, while beehaw nurtures community to be more positive or/and sincere


  • Feature set is amazing, it can do a lot and then some
  • export in open formats
  • Subscription is not that expensive
  • Widget is very nice for quick entry


  • Many useful features are behind a paid subscription
  • For professional use it needs a desktop client but there’s none; export into third party and import back is difficult and lossy procedure

they invest in often don’t generate any additional risk adjusted return.

When you worth more than $1 mil, you’ll be persistently advised invest in S&P and gov bonds for 95% of your portfolio. And it’s probably the main job of investment managers – to convince their clients that YOLO/BTC-to-the-moon is not a sustainable investment strategy.

For the 10% of more sophisticated clients, investment managers fall into information asymmetry dilemma. Hedge funds tell very little to their client about fund’s investment strategy and they often lose money nonetheless.

TLDR: even if you’re rich, the market will eat you up, don’t let that happen

Tbh, birdsite exodus is not that huge at the moment. It seems like it’s going to peak at 800k users per week. With 10% of active users, we have a whole one-two months before the count of new users will be equal to old ones.

Admins have time to react, users have opportunity to tell newbies about the culture on fair grounds, founders have a moment to adjust their development strategy for larger userbase. With 1 mil of new users per day we wouldn’t have all that.

Praise the lord Thank Musk, birdsite hasn’t shut down completely yet

Gotta realize those risks! They got not enough lawyers to defend themselves anyway 😂

#GoodwillGesture #Regrouping #ChoosingAdvantageousPosition #InsignificantCity /s

At some point I think I’ll try to extract the IDs. Thank you for getting into it.

Do you know maybe how to add a federated community in this bookmarklet? so I wouldn’t need to choose the community every time I use the bookmarklet

They hire financial managers to think about all this