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  • Summer Break

    • Brush: Zenith 506B MB (27 mm × 55 mm Manchurian badger)
    • Razor: Fatip - Lo Storto - Testa Dentata
    • Blade: Mühle
    • Lather: Barrister and Mann – Oceana (Soft Heart)
    • Post Shave: Ralon – Sport
    • Fragrance: Stirling Soap Co. – Island Man

    Despite yesterday’s IT fun, our flight was on time and we made it to the Dalmatian coast for a family beach vacation. This is the first of a bunch of hotel shaves and I think I will enjoy my choice of hard and software.

  • Koké Wedgeday

    • Brush: Zenith 506B MB (27 mm × 51 mm Manchurian badger)
    • Razor: Zwilling J. A. Henckels Friodur 72-V (13/16", quarter hollow or near wedge, stainless steel)
    • Lather: Abbate Y La Mantia – Koké
    • Post Shave: Abbate Y La Mantia – Koké

    The frag description intrigued me so I YOLOed a set of Koké which arrived yesterday. Look at this:

    Top notes

    • bergamot
    • burnet
    • rhubarb

    Middle Notes

    • ginger
    • animalic notes
    • white pear

    Base Notes

    • wine leaves
    • vanilla from Tahiti
    • guaiac wood

    Rhubarb with pear and ginger is what caught my eye. The vanilla note worried me a bit (maybe a cloying sweet scent), but the animalic notes seemed unlikely in a sweet fruity frag. I asked around a bit, but it seems this is too new and nobody on the sub, our lemmy, or any @wetshaving follower on the fediverse has tried it yet.

    I sniffed the splash fist, and right off the bat I was intrigued. So it is sweet and heavy at first, but not cloying at all. The animalic notes keep it grounded. On the skin, the scent quickly becomes lighter, and fresher. I immediately thought of using this for AA and ran it by my wife with devastating effect: “Oh please don’t use this for August, choose something nice, not this rotten chewing gum”. So that happened.

    Experience tells me that not all hope is lost in such situations. Valley of Ashes for instance - “a dirty gas station” off the bottle - gets me “oh you smell nice” if surreptitiously used and inconspicuously flaunted in her presence. Weinstrasse is either “cat piss” or “a whorehouse” when I wear two spritzes or more, but a single spritz is “fresh” or “delicious”.

    So this morning’s was an important test shave. First off, I’ve lost track of the soap bases that AYLM has, and this seems to be a new-to me variant of their hard soap base, of which I’ve only previously tried the original first offering in Verbena Toscana. The ingredient lists are identical for the first 11 ingredients and diverge there. This new soap has menthol and cannabis oil here followed by more diverging ingredients. It seems like a small tweak, but it feels like this base creates a creamier lather, or I just got super lucky on my first try. Point is, this lather was dense, wet, and slick. Not anything extraordinary, but solid, leaving nothing to be wished for. The menthol level is low, so low that it took me a while to even notice it.

    Really just a wonderful shave with the chonky and smooth Frio wedge. The menthol level in the splash is also low enough not to bother me. Noice.

    My wife didn’t complain, even better, it “smells ok on my skin”. Boom.

    Not enough to choose it for AA, but definitely enough to keep this around. I count that as a win.

    Tagging @sahenders@sub.wetshaving.social and u/Marquis90 who were curious about my first impression.

  • Tuesday

    • Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts Tabak Oridjinal, now with 28 mm Gelousy knot
    • Razor: Zwilling J. A. Henckels 14 (8/8", extra hollow ground, carbon steel)
    • Lather: Mäurer & Wirtz Tabac Original
    • Aftershave: Mäurer & Wirtz Tabac Original
    • Fragrance: Mäurer & Wirtz Tabac Original

    I overslept this morning and was forced to skip Tabac Tuesday morning shave. I thought I’d make up for it in the evening, but then I got Stanksick (like homesick, but with Stank ®) and took time for a lunch break Stankening.

    I smell glorious, Tuesday is saved.

    My set of AYLM Koké is supposed to be delivered today, and I’m looking forward to trying it. I YOLOed a blind buy so fingers crossed .


    • Brush: Zenith 506 N XS (extra soft horse)
    • Razor: GEM Micromatic Flying Wing (NOS, chrome plated)
    • Blade: Personna GEM PTFE
    • Lather: House of Mammoth – Almond Leather
    • Post Shave: Declaration Grooming – Fake Yellow Light
    • Fragrance: Chatillon Lux – Gratiot League Square

    Haven’t done a MicroMatic Mammoth Monday Formation Flight in ages, and since I haven’t coordinated with anyone, I’m not sure the “Formation” part will work out today. But when I saw @gcgallant@sub.wetshaving.social and u/Marquis90 flying in formation last Monday I got nostalgic, so here we are.

    This frag combination is a favourite of mine, these three takes on leather just play so well together.